You will not believe what changes Apple is making in its app store!

Apple announces new rules for the app store

This time, let’s talk about the Apple App Store. The older ones among us might remember when Apple and Google would occasionally reveal to us how many apps are available in the App Store and Android Store (Play Store). At the end of 2009, IDC predicted that a year after Apple’s launch, the number of apps in AppStore would reach 300,000 apps. Also, it may be that the older ones among us will remember how Apple then marketed its store. For almost everything, Apple would claim that “we have an app for this.”

Monopoly on downloading apps on Apple:

Now, with about 2.2 billion apps in the app store, the store has become a legal and regulatory headache for Apple despite the money it generates for the company’s total revenue. The infamous Apple tax gives Apple 30% of the profit from in-app purchases, and because Apple does not allow iOS users to install an app from third-party app stores, Apple forces users to pay more for certain apps. This is a sensitive issue, which was the cause of a class action lawsuit against Apple and investigations by agencies in the US and also in Europe.

Last year the U.S. Supreme Court, by a 5-4 vote, ruled that plaintiffs could seek to prove that Apple acted as a monopoly by raising the price of apps in its app store. However, Apple claims that its role when it comes to the app store is to act as an intermediary and Do not accept this claim.The Supreme Court disagreed with Apple’s claim and said that iPhone and iPad users buy their apps directly from Apple.This allows owners of iOS and iPadOS devices to sue Apple directly.

Apple App Store with New Guidelines:

With the iOS 14 operating system on the verge of release, CNBC reports that Apple has corrected the appstore guidelines for its new iOS system. These guidelines are used by Apple employees to approve or deny apps and / or app updates in the App Store. This is a very timed thing considering that Apple recently removed the popular game Fortnite from the app store and closed the developer accounts belonging to the Afik Games late last month. Bus Games has violated Apple’s regulations that prevent developers from trying to circumvent Apple’s 30% tax by offering their own direct payment system.

Some Fortnite users who downloaded the game from the app store were given the option to sign up for it via direct payment to Bus Games. The developer offered a 20% discount of $ 2 (so the download cost $ 7.99) to those who accepted the company’s offer. Apple, on the other hand, charges $ 9.99 to sign up for the game through its in-app payment platform.

Apple will now enable certain game streaming services like Google Stadium and Microsoft xCloud in the iOS app store with some caveats. Games should be downloaded directly from the app store and not from the “all-in-one app”. Developers will be allowed to offer a “catalog app” that links to other games in the service, but each game should be a personal app. This means that if the streaming service has 100 games, each of them will need to register in the Apple App Store in person and a key account with Apple. The games will have to offer some sort of basic functionality when installed and get the in-store purchase system that gives the tech giant a 30% profit on such purchases.

A Microsoft spokesman said that “this is a bad experience for customers. Gamers want to jump directly into the game from their catalog within one app just as they do with movies or songs, and will not have to download over 100 apps to personally play different games” Apple wants streaming services to be like Package games and say it will have to address each game individually. The company offers its own package of iOS games that you can sign up for; We are talking of course about Apple Arcade.

Apple introduces another change in the app store:

Another change made by Apple affects one-on-one personal lessons offered through the app store. It is now possible to offer such virtual lessons without Apple making a 30% profit. However, Apple will still charge 30% for lessons taught to multiple students by one teacher.


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