Apple’s New iPad Pro: When’s It Out? how much does it cost? & Specification

Apple announced in early 2021 – two new iPad Pro models with new processors, dual cameras, a new keyboard and new specs;

So when is the new iPad coming out?

Want to renew with a new iPad? Wondering which iPad should be released soon? You’re not alone.
There has been a lot of speculation about when the new iPad will come out and which model will be the first.
The year 2020 was an unconventional year to say the least, due to circumstances that Apple did not specify the launch of the new iPhone is delayed and is expected to come out only in October.

We would normally expect the launch of the new iPad to happen as part of the launch of the iPhone on October 12, however, there are rumors that Apple is going to launch an iPad during the month of September.

Leaker John Proser, who often manages to be accurate in his leaks, says a new iPad may hit us in the week of September 7:

While Proser has not clearly said which model of iPad he is referring to, the fact that the iPad 10.2 was announced in September 2019 does indeed make September the expected launch date.

Let’s look back: here are all the iPads that Apple has launched with all of their dates;

IPad: April 2010

IPad 2: March 2011

IPad 3: March 2012

IPad Mini (2012): November 2012

IPad 4: November 2012

IPad Air (2013): November 2013

IPad Mini 2: November 2013

IPad Mini 3: October 2014

IPad Air 2: October 2014

IPad Mini 4: September 2015

IPad Pro 12.9 (2015): November 2015

IPad Pro 9.7: March 2016

IPad 9.7 (2017): March 2017

IPad Pro 12.9 (2017): June 2017

IPad Pro 10.5: June 2017

IPad 9.7 (2018): March 2018

IPad Pro 12.9 (2018): October 2018

IPad Pro 11: October 2018

IPad Air (2019): March 2019

IPad Mini (2019): March 2019

IPad 10.2: September 2019

IPad Pro 12.9 (2020): March 2020

IPad Pro 11 (2020): March 2020

If the new iPad is not launched during September, we may see it as part of the unveiling of the new iPhone in October.

Which model of the new iPads will come to us first?

Let’s start with the negative way; The model that will arrive in September will not be the new iPad Air that has been redesigned – with thinner panels and a USB-C port – as this launch is not expected until next March.

That leaves us with the iPad Mini, which according to rumors is also getting a redesign with a larger screen, and with the standard iPad, which already got a redesign in September 2019 – but didn’t really get a spec upgrade.

So which iPad needs the upgrade the most? Based on last year’s update, we would say that the standard iPad needs strengthening. Thus we estimate that the first iPad model to be launched will indeed be the model that requires the reinforcement.

What are the specifications of the iPad?

As mentioned, the standard iPad needs a specification update.
The current model comes in capacities of 32GB or 128GB (we think 32GB is too small nowadays).

It offers the A10 Fusion chip with the M10 processor in 2016. The A10 came with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Considering that Apple does not even sell the iPhone 8 anymore, not to mention the iPhone 7 it is quite strange that the company is still selling the iPad with this chip. For comparison, the iPad Pro offers the A12Z, and the Air and Mini models offer the A12. So it’s time for the standard iPad to get an upgrade.

At the moment the standard iPad has little to offer, apart from its price, at a price of £ 349 it is the cheapest iPad you can buy.

The Design:

Given that the standard iPad got a redesign in 2019, we would not expect a redesign so quickly.

However, anything is possible because we can see in the iPad it is a contraction or even the removal of the home button.

As mentioned below, Apple has been pushing the screen sizes of its mid-range tablets upwards in recent years:

IPad (2018): 9.7 inches

IPad (2019): 10.2 inches

IPad Air 2 (2014): 9.7 inches

IPad Air (2019): 10.5 inches

IPad Pro (2016): 9.7 inches

IPad Pro (2017): 10.5 inches

IPad Pro (2018): 11 inches

We hope the model will have a screen size of 10.5 inches and above on the iPad 2020. Ming-Chi Kuo estimates that it will see a 10.8-inch iPad this fall, though it is unclear if the intention is to upgrade to the existing iPad Air, as DigiTimes predicts; In addition, he predicts that the iPad Mini will eventually rise from 7.9 inches and reach the main heights of “between 8.5 and 9 inches”.

Home Button: Will Apple be ready to take the big leap in terms of design and remove the home button, as in the iPad Pro models? It will make it easier to widen the screen (we could certainly watch the 11-inch display) but it is a radical move that will repel some people.

It turns out that the theme of the home button is about premium exclusivity. The new iPad Pro models have always been much more expensive than the other models, and Apple has had to justify this by offering exclusive features. In the first two generations the special feature was the compatibility of a dark pencil, but since then it has also been distributed to the other models; And the iPad Pro 2020 offers exclusive access to the design without the home button / face recognition.

Our inspiration is that the regular iPad will not get the full-screen (or almost full-screen) design until Apple finds a new exclusive feature for iPad Pro owners – and the mid-priced iPad Air should have access to the new design alongside the new iPads – or even before.

The iPad Pro 2020 was a bit short in the new features. The new models are faster than ever, of course, but it’s hard to catch the people’s heart junction at CPU speed. And we are not sure that dual cameras are a much needed feature in reputable tablets.

New Magic Keyboard: The first iPad keyboard to feature a trackpad. But even that does not really work, since only iPads that support iPadOS 13.4 or later can work with the trackpad keyboard.

New Features:

As described above, Apple always provides features for its Pro tablets first, before dripping them onto the rest of its models. So when we predict the features of the base iPad for 2020, we need to start with the current iPad Pro and move on from there.

Face Detection: This links directly to the design notes in the previous section, but if Apple decides to distribute the design of the iPad Pro screens to the other models, they will also need to get Face ID face recognition.

(From this we assume that Apple has not yet cracked the logistical challenges of implementing a fingerprint sensor on the screen. We are pretty sure the company is working on it, but it will most likely make the feature debut on a new iPhone, not a tablet.)

Screen: offers ProMotion technology, which allows you to change the refresh rate (up to 120 Hz) according to the requirements of the current task; This means improved performance when used and improved battery life when not in use. This feature has not yet reached the iPad Air or the basic iPad, this feature may reach the rest of the iPad models in 2020 – according to rumors, this feature will appear on the iPhone 12 Pro later this year.

However, True Tone, another one of Apple’s screen features. Gently and continuously adjusts the screen output to take into account variations in ambient lighting, resulting in a more consistent experience of color, brightness and so on. Unlike ProMotion, True Tone has made its way to the iPad Air (and mini), but not to the base iPad – and we anticipate that this feature will make the final step to the base iPad in 2020.

Fast charging: We think it will be limited to the more expensive iPad models, but we will list this as an option: a 20W charger that Drift got excited about, should be packed with the newer iPads this year, according to Ming-Chi Ko (Analyst).

Will it be just for the iPad Air, Pro and Mini? Or even just for the Pro model? Definitely possible, so we have not yet raised our hopes.


We expect iPad 2020 pricing to start at £ 349 / $ 329.

Here is the cost of the iPad 2019:

iPad 10.2in (2019, 32GB): £ 349 / $ 329

iPad 10.2in (2019, 128GB): £ 449 / $ 429

iPad 10.2in (2019, 32GB, mobile): £ 479 / $ 459

iPad 10.2in (2019, 128GB, mobile): £ 579 / $ 559

We expect Apple to release the 2020 version at the same dollar prices, but there is a real danger that UK prices will go up. Much depends on the success of the European withdrawal arrangements, and the strong impact it has on the pound.

So far the latest rumors about the new iPad.

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