Best Life Insurance Companies 2020

Best Life Insurance Companies 2020

What is the need for insurance? Life insurance is fundamental if you have anyone in your life that is dependent on your income. Though it is a basic need still many people don’t have the right type of insurance or the accurate amount. Instead of being a good thing, the majority of the residents have less life insurance than they should.

But the good news is that life insurance does not cost you much that you think of it! However, you need to evaluate any insurance company before buying a policy to make sure that you are paying for something that will be part of your life No worries of getting the confusion of searching for the best as we are here to help you with the list of life insurance companies that are in the top list!

Read on to see which companies have made their name on the list!

1. Haven Life 

Haven Life Insurance Company is founded in 2014 and aims to offer affordable and easy-to-manage life term insurance policies online without any usual troubles of insurance shopping.

What you will get with the agency is the simple online application process, no commission, and a reputation for good customer service. The company offers some unique and useful policy features to the customers. It offers online payments which will be directly debited from the policyholder’s checking account on a monthly basis with reminded before deduction.

2. Northwestern Mutual 

It is one of the best insurance companies has more than 160 years of experience in the financial service industry. The agency offers a traditional approach to life insurance with numerous coverage options and personalized method of determining coverage requirements.

Offering plenty of coverage types, it can combine term and permanent policies and even some customers are suitable to receive dividends. The agency offers a term life of policy with custom terms that can be converted into permanent. You will also get online convenience features like automatic premium payments, insurance calculators, and policy estimates.

3. Banner Life 

Making its place in the list of life insurance companies, Banner Life has straightforward product offerings. Banner Life includes online estimates, conversion options with no fee or medical exam.

The agency redirects users to an outside non-profit organization for an online insurance calculator. It provides online quotes for the term and universal life insurance and the whole and universal life plans have multiple options for bill payment. Banner Life offers three main life insurance products including term, whole life, and universal life.

4. State Farm 

State Farm work as a mutual company with 83 million policies and accounts in effect. The current service includes life insurance, home, and property insurance, auto and specialty vehicle insurance, health insurance.

The insurance company offers a wide variety of policy types and out of which most of them offer customization options. They also offer home & vehicle loans, checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and a variety of investments and other investments and other financial services. Like other insurance companies, State Farm offers a number of specialized insurance products including term life policies with an online application and quick response, term life policies.

5. Nationwide

It is one of the best life insurance companies in the USA that is found in 1925 and has grown as a large financial service company in the world. Offering a wide variety of services which includes life insurance and other types of personal insurance!

What you will get with this one of the best life insurance companies in the USA is a variety of policy types that are easily customizable and some of them having investment options. The policies of Nationwide are easy to customize and you can choose policy types like survivorship insurance, no-lapse policies, and policies with different investment options. It also offers a choice of convenient ways to pay premiums, including direct debit or withdrawal from a card or bank account.

Bottom Lines

The above mentioned are list of life insurance companies that you can consider if you are looking for buying policies. Each of them has different policy features and conveniences for their customers. Pay attention and make a choice from various life insurance companies wisely!

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