Top 10 Best Android Apps for 2020

Top 10 Best Android Apps for 2020

There are tons of Android apps out there in the Play Store available, and making the choice of best is really a tough task! Reviews can be considered for picking, but can also be subjected to administration, and editor’s pick only grazes the surface.

Who doesn’t want best apps for their phones! There are some that stand alone in the list and we are here to present you with best android apps. The Android apps that are going to transform functionality or offer something so great that it becomes one of the must-have apps that have to be downloaded whenever you get a new set!

Here are the best mobile apps for 2020!

1. 1Weather

It is the best weather app out there. The app features a simple design that shows the current weather, the forecast for up to 12 weeks, radar, and other fun stats. Additionally, you will get a set of lightly customizable widgets and other stuff like weather notifications & radar. The free version of the app has all the features with advertising and the pain one removes the advertising. The range of weather fun facts is another interesting stuff on the app!

2. Bouncer

It is picked for one of the best android apps which is a security app with a unique premise. The app lets you accord temporary permissions to applications. It is a great way to use all the features of a social media app without drilling over into the settings to disable the permissions or giving those apps constant access. It is a paid Android app and works on most apps. It is a better option with permission features to go for.

3. Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage solution available on Android offering 15GB permanently to new users. This is free, but you can buy more if required! What makes Google Drive special is the collection of Android apps that are attached to it including Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Photos, Gmail, Google Calendar, etc. Some of the app features include live association, deep sharing features, and unity with MS Office documents.

4. LastPass Password Manager

It is one of the must-have Android apps for a user! A password manager app that lets you save your login credentials in a completely safe and secure way. You can also generate absurd passwords for your account’s safety and can use it on any device. Talking about the pricing, the premium version of the app is very economic and the app offers a friendlier and secure experience to the user, specifically with its extra authenticator app.

5. ProCam X

The photography-related app unlocks the possibility of your phone’s camera! This simply means that it can do what the camera of your Smartphone can’t. You can control the various facet of an image with this app which has professional controls like ISO, white balance, etc. You can also take RAW photos with this app which opens up better image editing after the fact.

6. Tinder

It is one of the best free Android apps available! The app has helped to start the trend of dating apps on mobile with its simple right swipe feature. The app has a very simple profile display and it outdoes the chatting and matching followed by the first-date experience to the users. Tinder has many other features as well which helps it in maintaining a strong position among other dating apps. You can download this best app on your device.

7. Solid Explorer

File browsing is a very basic need of a user and you will definitely need a capable and fantastic file browser. For such needs, Solid Explorer is one of the best Android apps featuring material design, support for cloud services, and support for other stuff like FTP, WebDav, etc. Apart from great appearance, it works well and is amazingly stable. The app is offered with a 14-day trial and is the best file manager for Android for most of the users.

8. SMS Organizer

It is one of the smartest app you can download offering next level texting to the users. SMS Organizer works by generating automatic reminders from your conversations and you can also block spam messages, along with custom notifications and setting specific ringtones for your specific contacts.

9. Sleep Sounds

The app makes your sleeping more easily! Being the best mobile apps for falling asleep, it includes 12 different natural sounds, works offline, and also allows you to set a timer so that the app would not be running all the night, draining the battery of your phone. One of the best Android apps available for good sleep!

10. Amazon Kindle

Fond of reading? Then this app would be your perfect partner! Amazon Kindle app is an amazing app offering users the library of books, magazines and much other stuff. If you are subscribed to it, the company is meant to give the members access to over 1,000 different titles for free. However, if you don’t have time to read, there is built-in Audible narration for many books for such users. Get it now!

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