5 Places to Visit in Japan

There is no country like Japan; with striking landscape ranging from the state-of-the-art skyline of Tokyo begins from picturesque natural panoramas of Hokkaido. There are some destinations you can explore that offer a wide array of tourist attractions, lip-smacking appetizing food, and great security that this island state performs. You will find each and everything at this place. You can spend an amazing and astounding hill-walking in far-off trails, relish the busy neon nightlife, discover the Hogwarts-themed Park or move to a Shinto temple. There are lots of places to visit in Japan, you’ll be planning to come back before you’ve left everything there, where you can make arrangement by using Cleartrip Coupons.

The best places to visit in Japan are:


Tokyo is one of the most occupied cities in the world but you’ll explore that it is also an astounding place to pulsating pockets of Japanese traditional lifestyle. Travelling around the busy boulevards of Tokyo is a unique experience you never want to overlook. From the avant-garde pleasures of the city centre to the stunning temples which are dotted all through the city, each day in this town that will provide you with new experiences.

Main Highlights:

Visit spectacular destinations in Japan such as Tokyo Sky Tree, the city’s tallest building and the world’s tallest isolated tower at 634 meters high, for breathtaking scenic views of the city and its environment.

Also, visit the Imperial Palace for a walk-through one of the archetypal Japan destinations and a period in Japan’s colonial history.


The former capital city of this country, Kyoto is one of the flawless metropolises to visit and travel in Japan. It was one of the few metropolises secure from the obliteration of WWII, lots of the chronological art and structural design of Japan has been sealed here. The extensive city is the abode to more than 1,600 stunning temple sites and is the perfect place to go if you want to get unmatched experience with a savour of traditional Japanese entertainment.

Main Highlights:

Visit the best Gion and eminent for its 17th century conserved teahouses and the traditional geisha entertainers.

Move towards the Kiyomizu-Dera Temple, a striking UNESCO World Heritage Site in the city from the east, where get your love life blessed.


Nara is one of our most preferred Japan tourist spots that offer an entirely different and exceptional experience than you’ll get in most of the bigger towns. This hush and the dense city is packed with holy temples and appealing lamp-lit streets you can stroll through. It is also a perfect home to the city’s prominently gracious deer.

Main Highlights:

Pay honour to one of Nara’s most inimitable tourist attractions in the Todai-Ji temple; the massive structure houses a tranquil 16-meter Buddha statue and a quiet ambience that’s the ideal cure to Tokyo’s jam-packed streets.

Give food to the deer at Nara park, most of the city’s eminent temples are situated within the park’s confines (including Todai-Ji!), but it is popular for the affable deer who entitle it home.


If you have no idea where to visit in Japan, but you know you wish for a soothing experience than Tokyo, visit Osaka. This fascinating harbour city is a bit more relaxed but still offers all of the pleasures you’re eager for from an excursion to Japan, from the Osaka Castle to one of the country’s oldest Shinto Shrines. You can have mouth-watering street food and party in the morning with the city’s famous nightlife.

Main Highlights:

The must-visit places are Universal Studios and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Explore Universal Studios through the woodland to Hogsmeade and on to Hogwarts for a unique experience you’ll be recalling on for years to come.

One of the great features of Osaka is its assets of scrumptious street food. Must eat the city’s traditional street dishes when visiting in Japan.


Hiroshima is a fantastic city whose forename the world will never overlook, but instead of the obliteration hanging about in its past, Hiroshima has stayed on itself as the “Peace Capital” in the world and it is quite secure and thrilling to visit. It’s a must-visit Japan destination. There is an abundance of fascinating history to learn about and you can travel around the most popular Peace Memorial on your way. Your journey to Hiroshima won’t be all about the past though, there’s lots of nightlife to walk around and having fun.

Main Highlights:

Travel around the Peace Memorial Park. It’s situated at the middle of the nuclear bomb blast and houses the popular relics of the old Chamber of Industry and Commerce at the iconic Atomic Bomb Dome, where you can also grab Freejobalert using subscribe us options.

Discover Shukkei-en garden, an ideal place to experience a genuine Japanese tea ritual before going for an afternoon leisurely walk.

These are all wonderful places to visit in Japan.

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