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5 Denim Trends in 2020

Denim Trends

It is rightly said by Elio Firucci “Denim is a love that never fades”. We all have a pair of our favorite jeans in our wardrobe which we love to wear year after year. Denims might be the workhorse of our closet but that does not stop them from being stylish and super-hot.

Besides the classic skinny jeans there are a lot of retro-inspired looks especial from the ’70s and ’80s. Fringe hems, high rise, and cropped flare jeans are popping up this fall 2020.

From classic style to retro look here are 5 top denim trends of 2020 that you must have in your closet.

  1. High Waisted

High Waisted

The classic high-waisted jeans are back with a bang. These pants look awesome on everybody; however, they are perfect for people with apple body type. The high waist band defines the waist are beautifully and hides all the extra fat under the band. If you are searching for a high waist jean then look out for those made up of cotton-elastane blend so that they have a small percentage of stretch.

How to style them:

The best way to style up these jeans is to team them up with a crop top, because this will highlight the thick band of the high waisted pants. The jeans will perfectly sit on your naval so you do not have to worry about exposing your tummy. You can also tuck in a lightweight sweater and pair it up with your jeans.

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  1. Ribbon


You must check out the ribbon jeans which is the brand-new addition to the denim family this year. These are stretchable and flexible jeans with ribbons attached to it at the side (from top to bottom). The ribbons can be of satin material, elastic material or leather. The best selling however is the ones with leather ribbons.

How to style them:

These super stylish jeans can be worn with skinny tops or crop tops. However, this type of jeans is best suited for those with hour glass body type. You can team it up with fancy heels or sexy boots.

  1. Two-Tone

Two Tone

Two-tone or two shaded slouchy, boyfriend silhouette jeans are again hitting the fashion industry. These jeans have vertical strips; one is of a lighter shade and the other is the darker one. These two tone denim wash jeans are either dyed or made up by stitching together two dissimilar pieces of denim to look that way.

How to style them:

You can style it up with a casual white shirt or even a black t-shirt will look cool with it.

  1. Fringe Hems

Fringe Hems

The jeans with fringe hems at the bottom are for those who love to follow the fashion trend in a different way. These jeans are very easy to carry and the ornamental detailing makes it look really stylish.

How to style them:

Team it up with a tucked white shirt and pair of stilettoes. Be ready to turn around heads wherever you go with this classy and fashionable style.

  1. Side-Slit Bell-Flare Jeans

Side-Slit Bell-Flare Jeans

The classic high waisted bell flared jeans with a slit at the side is what you should get this season. Extremely stylish and extremely comfortable, this type of jeans can be easily worn to an office, a party or even while traveling.

How to style them:

You can pair it up with a crop top if you are opting for a high-waisted side slit jean otherwise if you aren’t going for a high waisted one, then you can pair it up with plain white or black t-shirts.

Add a little twist to your regular classic jeans and walk the runway with style. You can get all these trendy denims from any online store at a discounted price. Just browse the coupon website Don’tPayAll for coupons and vouchers.

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