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How to Become a Travel Photographer


Traveling is partial without photography. Imagine we had so much fun during the trip, but what is the best approach to cherish the spend moments? Undoubtedly, the one captured in your camera! But have you ever thought that you can make a living from this traveling photography? Who can have the assumption that besides a fun approach, your photography skills can actually represent you as a professional travel photographer! Indeed it can!

The life of a travel photographer is not only filled with adventure, but is one of the most satisfying professions for your eternal traveling thrill lust. It might seem the easiest skill, with the only requirement of a camera and plane ticket. Not actually! If this would have been such easy, every photographer has turned into a travel photographer. Travel photography requires preparation, persistence and you can say, and a chunk of luck. It is not that smooth due to creaky competition in the field.

Now that you may ask for how you can become a travel photographer, we are here to present some travel photography tips. Have a thorough look at every point.

1. Analyzing if travel photography is the thing for you

Travel Photography

Are you aware of the main aim of why you want to get indulge in traveling photography? If yes, it’s great! But if not, think again before choosing the profession. Jumping into the profession without any anticipation or planning may result in misstep. You need to recognize what is motivating you to choose this backpacker’s life. Is it a boring job life? Or you are adventurous enough to travel the world?

What your dream job requires (if it is) is patience and flexibility. Neither it will give you any job security, nor will you get a fixed money deposit. Be clear why you wish to achieve this career, before taking consideration of becoming involved in travel photography.

2. Set up your goals & ambitions

Suppose if you are clear with the above point. Travel photography is your passion and you are all ready to achieve so. The next tip for travel photography is to set up your photography goals. Figure out what is your ambition taking you up to? What do you want to achieve from this travel photography career? Do making money is the only aim related to this? As travel & photography are two different words, be clear which out of both is more valuable to you.

Investigate what attracts you more while taking pictures. Beaches or the mountains? Do you love exploring the wildlife, or are more interested in food, art, and culture of a specific place? All these inquiries give you a clear vision of your goal or ambition as a travel photographer.

3. Learning the skill of photography is a must

Skill of Photography

Now that when you are passionate about becoming a traveling photographer, the next tip for travel photography is to take a proper photography course. However, the art of photography is not that simple. A picture and a professional picture are two different things! To become an expert, you must have proficient skills in photo editing, which only come by gaining supremacy in your art. This should be a serious step in your list while giving your pictures a professional look.

Various free and paid online courses are now available to sharpen the skills of photography. You can do experiments with your camera to understand the ins and out of how it works. When it comes to creative skills, talent is veiled and it gets sharpened with little practice.

4. Start with a small practice

Directly going on-field is not a good idea! It is agreeable, that you are keen to showcase your talent of photography to the world. But it is advisable to grind your skills at home or any private place before stepping out. As you will be intimate with the outer competition, strengthening yourself with the practical knowledge will force you to lead. Be it your garden, any park nearby, or greenery; spend some time to refining your photography skills.

A great idea for this small practice is doing an internship under someone having mastery in the field. A great experience cum practice in this specific field gets added into your profile, for which you are actually desirous about. Adding a short, but relevant experience to your profile improves your basic understanding and knowledge of photographic techniques.

5. Decide a niche for your travel photography

Travel Photography

You may have a wide-angle or telescopic, fixed or fish-eye lens vision towards nature’s beauty. Or your style of observing the landscapes or beaches can be distinct from others. Consequently, only you have the right to choose your niche or style, whatsoever! Traveling photography has enough competition now, that you need to be extraordinary to stay strong and stand out at the same time.

Creating a niche style for travel photography is about promoting a vision that imitates your view of the atmosphere. What this means is your unique prospective around the world should get represented to the world through your portfolio. Niche photography can be related to wildlife, people, culture or landscapes. Whatever you are specialized in, make that your niche, stick to it and explore for the methods that make you stand apart.

6. Creating a ravishing portfolio

The portfolio of a professional travel photographer is to assembling the collection of their best work and has enough potential to stun clients. Every travel photographer must have their portfolio, otherwise how your clients will be able to recognize your quality skills and style. Every client will be able to take a glimpse of your portfolio before they hire you for a project.  It will be like a showcase of your work and let people see a glance of your superior work.

You can start your website and create a portfolio on a section of the website. There are many sites available where you can start your online gallery. You can also create a booklet of your best collection of photographs in the form of PDF, which is ready to email clients or publishers.

7. An online presence can also be made

Travel Photographer

Along with the portfolio, a well-written blog will tell the story behind your portfolio can make the viewers connect with your pictures emotionally. A strong and potent online presence is a necessity for a travel photographer so that the world comes to know about their skills. A website allows you to publish the content in the way you wish it to be represented! You can publish the story, in your style.

Internet and social media can be your primary source of income as well as business. Besides an attractive website, you can also start a travel photographer blog to promote your exclusive photography style to anyone around the globe. A travel photographer can also make use of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter for your promotion. Make sure your posts are engaging, exciting and useful at the same time.

Bottom Lines:

Due to overwhelming pressure associated with the travel photography profile, people generally become impatient for the results. It can be a slow process, but if you get great investment, it can yield huge profits. Be patient with the results, and keep exploring the places to give life to moments. If travel photography is a kind of your dream career, start your storytelling today!

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