Negative Effects of Using Mobile Phones Too Much

Negative Effects of Using Mobile Phones

Whether we believe it or not, it is an evident fact that mobile phones are ruining our physical and mental state. Slowly, but surely! Various studies claim the severe health and mind related hazards gaining climb due to too much addiction to mobile phones. We all are familiar with the dangers of mobile phone usage on our health but do you know that there are now mobile phone-related syndromes that occur due to the addiction to cell-phones.

The need for cell-phones can’t be ignored in today’s digital world, but we can neither overlook its serious and harmful effects either. Here we will discuss some serious cell phone effects on health. Some of them may not be felt much serious right now, but it doesn’t mean they will never be. Let us discuss them all in detail.

Negative Effects of Mobile Phones Usage

1. Vision Issues: You might have felt irritation in your eyes while continuously using mobile phones for long hours!

Continuous use of phones put a lot of strain on our eyes, causing a visual downturn. Studies have alleged that the excess use of smart phones may harm your eyesight. Cell- phones emit harmful blue-light radiations that can cause the growth of poisonous molecules into eyes. Our eyes are the most delicate part of body and get affected very easily with the inimical lights of gadgets. The retina of eyes gets affected, damaging our vision ultimately. A concept named macular degeneration is one of the top causes of blindness of eyes, which can’t be cured, though can be treated. What more damage it can cause is – less often blinking of eyes, blurred vision, all this can make you blind for a lifetime.

2. Sleeping Concerns: Have you heard of the term Insomnia?

Cell phones put a poor effect on a person’s sleeping patterns. People who spend most of their time on their mobile phones, soon start feeling sleeping issues! Taking decent sleep is an essential element for living a healthy life. The gadget cause disturbance in the sleep due to its emission of blue light. Lack of sleep gives rise to some serious health issues like depression or obesity. The microwave radiations of cell-phones can cause severe harm to the brain and our addiction to its usage keep on appeal to us, making us awake. The habit of holding our smart phones or keeping it within our arm approach during our sleep is a common trend. In such situations, it becomes very tough to resist surfing and we keep on exploring the phone, don’t forget, by ruining our sleep.

3. Phone related Syndromes: Is Smartphone’s addiction affecting muscles too?

Why Not! Our muscles, be it hand, eyes, neck, or fingers, never do get relief and become victim to perform scrolling due to our addiction. We keep on using our fingers for texting, scrolling, and gaming on our smartphones. This leads to finger muscle spasm and other muscle side-effects like tissue sore. If you are already a victim of such conditions, too much usage of gadgets can complement it. Not only can this, many other syndromes related to your muscles or joints, be initiated due to excessive use of cell phones. Bending your elbow for long periods of the time period, drooping over your phone for hours, vision syndrome due to glare at the tiny font of texts are some cases that directly affect the neck, back muscles, fingers and eyes of a person.

4. Addictions affecting mind: There are some weird syndromes too!

No, not only physical muscles suffer the damage of cell-phone addictions. Our mental ability also gets disturbed with so much use of this gadget. It has been researched that many people have a fear of losing their phone or being without their phone which works as a phobia for them. Such situations make people anxiety or negative attitude. The infatuation of checking mobile phones repeatedly affects the mental stability of a person. Some other syndromes keep on generating imaginary feeling to users. Even when their phone is not vibrating, they have habit checking if there is any message or call. Mobile-phone addiction is the main cause of such syndromes and that is why these are very common among youths.

5. Cell – phones and brain damage: Are they related to each other?

As we all know that mobile phones emit harmful radiation and studies have proven that these radiations can be responsible for the brain damage of a person. Let us know how! The emissions from mobile phones disable a safety barrier in the body which is responsible for protecting brain from risky substances in the blood. Some studies also claim that mobile phones cause brain cancer due to radiofrequency of electromagnetic fields given off my cell-phones. In simple words, you can assume that brain diseases like cancer, any nerve damage or tumors, can be identified more in addicted users. The radiations of mobile phones can affect our brainwaves as well which links to memory holding among people.

6. Weight Gain: Your mobile phone can make you fat!

Yes, mobile phones are responsible for the growth of obesity, especially among teenagers. It leads to distracted eating which simply means that people tend to eat more than usual when they are addicted by the technology. We keep on exploring news feed while eating, and consequently have no idea of how much of the quantity is being consumed. What more? Any food item can be ordered within seconds from the apps available on mobile phones. Mobile addiction makes you a home worm. You will be no longer interested in visiting people or going for outdoor activities. By escaping from the outdoor activities, you will become more habitual of sitting or lying over your couch and ruining your physical and as well as mental health.

7. Anxiety issues: There are many faces of it!

Mobile phone addiction has more bad effects, which you can’t imagine. It is the leading reason for social anxiety which is rising among users at a very rapid rate. Though it is great that we are connected to a device that makes us contactable by people around us, but we forget that social and financial pressures, developed by cell-phones. The obsessive use of Smartphone, takes out the relaxed state of mind of a person. From poor sleep to getting harassed by the endless updates, your mental health will get disturbed. Not only anxiety, but it also contributes to the cause of depression, when used to escape the real world. People keep on comparing their life with others and develop negative thoughts within their minds. As a result, they soon become a victim of stress and anxiety.

8. Hearing Damage: A factor that should be taken seriously!

For long-time mobile phone users, hearing damage is another risk that should not be neglected. People, who talk for more than an hour in a day, have chances of high-frequency hearing losses. Plugging headphones to enjoy music is fun, but it can permanently damage your hearing. For those who keep on talking over the phone for long durations, or keep headphones plugged in all the time, likely to have risks of high-frequency loss.

The Final Verdict

Cell phone addiction is a very common thing among people nowadays and has rough effects on the health and minds of people. The toughest thing about the addiction is that it is hard to quit, and if tried to do so can lead to symptoms like anxiety, depression and other issues. The negative sides of using mobile phones too much should not be ignored and must be improved for better physical and mental health. Make efforts to protect yourself from the harmful effects of mobile phones addiction by reducing its usage day by day.

Do you know mobile phone addiction can destructively affect our physical and mental state? Learn about some serious negative effects of using mobile phones.

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