What Different Circumcision Surgery Instrumentsare used around the World?

Circumcision Surgery

As advancements are going on in the medical profession; new and latest techniques and tools are been invented to make treatment of various diseases and infections more effective and long-lasting. These innovations like; robotic surgery, artificial organs, wireless brain sensors, precision medicine,and virtual reality are helping saving lives and to increase the average life span of humans.

Bu the most recent and effective medical development is in the field of circumcision surgery for adults. There are many techniques and instruments used for surgeryaround the world. Further discussion will reveal the basic method, the concept around the world and the instruments used for this purpose.

The Process of circumcision surgery for adults

To put it really simplifies the process of circumcision is the removal of the skin on the penis which fully covers it. There are basically two types of techniques used for it; the dorsal slit and excision.In the initial stage of the process, the surgeon prepares the patient by giving general or local anesthesia. There are a couple of tools in which anesthesia is not required. Once it is confirmed that the anesthesia has fully done the job; it is time to perform the surgery.After the surgery,the patient is sent home with post-surgical instructions.

Concept of Circumcision around the World

There are many countries around in which circumcision is performed. In many countries, it is a part of the religion like the Muslims and Jews. In the African continent and many parts of Asia, it is a part of the culture in many tribes. In Europe, Australia and America it is done for purely medical reasons.

Different Instruments used for Circumcision Surgery

Surgeons and doctors are still debating on the right age of being circumcised. Researchers have studied on patients of different ages to determine the effects of surgery. But they found out that all subjects showed insignificant change. But one point was noted that the various instruments used for circumcision had different outcomes.


Plastibell is a disposable and one-time-use device which is used for infants and teenagers. Firstly, the surgeon applies an antisepticsolution to clean the penis. The foreskin is carefully on the plastic ring and the circumferential ligature is firmly clinched so that the bleeding is minimal when the slit is made. The patient can go home after 30 minutes and the device automatically comes off after a week.


First of all the surgeon cautiously pulls the skin up and places the metal bell on the glans. After confirming that the bell is rightly placed; the plate is adjusted on the bell. The whole clamp is clenched so that the blood vessels are crushed. This prevents blood from flowing during the removal of the skin. You need to ask about it from a surgeon at any clinic like Circumcision Center.

Zhenxi Ring

It consists of two parts; one is an elastic cord and the other a clamping ring. The ski on the penis is pulled forward till the desired length and the clamping ring is placed on the penis. The foreskin is adjusted and then tightly clamped. The elastic ring is fixed firmly on the skin to cut off the supply of the blood.

Tara Klamp

It is another single-use plastic made the device. Like all other devices mentioned above; it also cuts off the fed of blood to the organ. The whole device including a tube is placed on the penis. The skin is retracted and the device is tightened with two clamps on either side.


It is very similar to the Tara Klamp but the main difference is that it consists of two parts. The inner tube is placed on the penis and the skin is adjusted. Then the outer locking part is placed onto it and the skin if fitted firmly. But there is no harm done to the penis as it is protected by the inner tube.

Shang Ring

Although, it is a single device it has two rings that trap the foreskin in between. The whole instrument is placed on the penis with the inner ring on the tip and the skin on the outside. Then the outer ring is clamped on the skin. It is a very simple method which requires no special training skills.


If you are afraid of going unconscious during the circumcision surgerythen PrePex is the best tool for you. It has three parts; first, the inner ring is placed on the organ, then the elastic ring traps the skin with the help of a placement ring. It is the most popular device in adults.

Winkelmann Clamp

This clamp resembles the Gomco device; it consists of a single piece. The whole instrument is placed on the penis and the wingnut is twisted and tightened so the extra skin is removed by a scalpel.


If you look at this device you will think that it is a cork puller. The shielding ring is placed on the penis carefully pulling the skin on the device. This protects the penis from any damage; then the clamp is fitted on the ring and the lever is pulled down.This device is a good choice for circumcision surgery for adults.

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