8 Cheapest Countries in the World for Budget Travel

Cheapest Countries in the World for Budget Travel

While planning for a trip, many of us worry about the expenses. The priority of travelers generally lies in traveling without breaking the budget bank. To accomplish this, they do alternations with fun adventures, their stay, and other essential elements. But it is not right to let your vacation experience suffer budget issues!

There is a long list of budget-friendly destinations for travelers, which has different activities, spots & landmarks for exploring. As our planet is full of affordable destinations, all you need to do is just note down your list as per your place preference & budget for travel. If you are a traveling freak and want to have tremendous experience with your vacations, we are going to help you with some cheapest countries to visit this year. You can easily take a tour of these affordable destinations without worrying about the estimate.

Cheapest Countries to Travel


Budget: $25 – $40 per day

VietnamYou may wonder what makes Vietnam a preferred place to visit.  It offers unbelievable value and holidays at this place is great indeed for sightseeing. You will get the healthiest and inexpensive street food here. Apart from this, the ease of transportation is so active that you can roam there by renting a motorbike. The public transportation (buses & trains) are also available at the affordable range & decent. Moving to the accommodation, you can easily afford the place here than any other destination.

Vietnam has some non-popular places – the northern province of Ha Giang & Tam Coc, town of Phong Nha where you can make a visit for sure. The country is dotted with several famous tourist sites & it captivates travelers with its natural beauty, placid villages, serene lakes, beautiful lakes. Things to do in Vietnam give a wide range of choices!

The Baltic States

Budget: $35 – $70 per day

The Baltic States

Another on the list of cheapest countries to visit this year! If you are planning to travel Northeastern Europe on a budget, the trio of three small Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania must be on your list. In case you are a history lover, the vital culture & towns of the place will astonish you, especially when explored on foot! To get an amazing experience, spend some days in each country & enjoy the various cultures & traditions of each of them. The Baltic has woodlands, peat bogs, lakes & log cabins and much more than that.

The trio has their own specialties – Lithuania is a low budget spot for travel having an amazing nightlife, while Estonia is best for nature lovers as most of its part is tree-covered. Similar to Estonia, Latvia is also half-covered with forests but also has a great number of lakes & rivers. Moreover, you can also undertake small towns outside of their capital cities, if you love peace.


Budget: $20 – $40 per day


Planning to budget your trip to Europe? Georgia is one of the economical destinations in Europe and best for hike lovers. What’s more amazing about this place is that you don’t need a visa to enter here. Georgia offers affordable quality hostels, food variety & cheap transportation facility which attract visitors every year. What more? The views and entry to the popular museums & historical sites will not take much penny from your pocket. You can also take a lift from the locals there who are very approachable. In simple terms, Georgia is super cheap from all sides.

A place like Georgia demands more of your time than money! You can enjoy multiple day trips, hikes & monasteries here. In the south areas of Trialeti & Adjara Mountains, you can have fun with activities like hiking, skiing & mountain climbing. Also there is Black Sea, Caucasian Mountain range and many other spots to have awesome travel experience.


Budget: $20 – $40 per day


While seeking for cheapest countries to travel, Laos strongly holds its place on the list. If you want a genuine travel experience, make a visit to Laos. Not so hugely populated or hilly, it is a superb place for outdoor activities like trekking, climbing, zip-lining & hot air ballooning. All of these amazing activities are available at a reasonable price range. You would experience provincial surroundings at Laos and can enjoy a peaceful time free from the crowds.  Explore smaller and cheaper towns here on the motorbike!

From reasonable but stunning waterfalls, river experiences to other activities, Laos never fails to amaze budget-friendly travelers. The stay facility at hostels & rooms can make your stay here longer at cheap price. Laos is much cheaper as compared to other countries and you will have a great time here at a very basic budget.


Budget: $40 – $60 per day


Being popularly known as a place for adventures, Mexico is literally cheap! You can head to this place to witness the great culture, nature, & food of course. Unraveling the great adventures and culture is great fun here. Though the disregards of the place related to safety are quite popular, still you can explore some safest places there. Mexico can be considered a perfect place if you are choosing to budget your trip this time. From splendid cenotes to tempting street food, this place has everything in your budget.

Don’t rush towards the intercity traveling if you are on a budget. The hospitality & white sand beaches will give you wonderful experiences. No worries if you are a solo traveler as this place offer money-saving rental facilities. Buses, trains, rental cars, etc are easily available for full-day rides at affordable rates.  Remember, you will have a great time there.


Budget: $40 – $60 per day

RomaniaThe next destination in the list of cheapest counties for travel is Romania. The place is very popular among visitors due to the charismatic towns & free activities available. It is an affordable destination to explore during Europe trip due to antique protected churches & fabulous Carpathian mountain range. All historical sites can be easily explored by taking walking tours. Hostels for stay, food & public transportation, all come within a budget of the travelers. Come & explore the place by yourself!

Romania, in reality, is a vibrant & richly diverse country consisting of bustling modern cities, small-town charm, ancient European tradition & stunning natural beauty. From its majestic mountain ranges to the Black Sea coastline, Romania deserves to be defined by more than anything else. Romania is a vast & naturally blessed land surpassing the number of natural resources & ancient landmarks that can surprise & astound you.


Budget: $25 -$40 per day

UkraineIf you are making a list of the cheapest countries for travel, explore Ukraine this time. Wondering why? The depreciating currency value of the place makes it the most affordable place in Europe. Room facility for travelers to stay, food, transportation, tours, and all the activities can be found at a reasonable price. The destination has some amazing spots like coastal city of Odessa on the Black Sea, the fascinating city of Lviv and many others. Sunny beaches, scenic forests, soaring mountains, health retreats, ski resorts, historic spots & stunning architecture – Ukraine seem to have everything that a traveler might want.

The old, historic metropolis of Odessa is a must-see spot in Ukraine. Found in down south, it will be the country’s important seaport and site of fascinating museums, sunlit beaches & in addition the prominent Odessa Opera House. For those who are traveling on a budget, they will find it the cheapest countries for travel which gives astonishing traveling experience to visitors every time.


Budget: $30 – $50 per day

While heading to tight budget traveling, North Thailand is the best place to explore. Remember the South Thailand Part may cost you more than your estimate, so stay up north if you want to avoid extra expenses. You can have a tour of the Chiang Mai region & Pai at a very affordable cost. Also, the residential facility in the middle of the rice fields, the temple of Buddhists & hill tribes will leave you dazed. The delicious but affordable variety of street food will provide you a credible experience!

If you are an adventure lover, head to this destination to enjoy hiking, day trips & visit to temples. Thailand is an unimaginable place providing you cheap options for guesthouses, food, transportation & other activities. It is often considered as one of the most bargain destinations in the world and one should not hop this place.

Final Verdict:

These are some of the cheap destinations that can be easily explored on a low budget without negotiating your comfort. Though the above-mentioned destinations offer cheap facilities, it doesn’t imply that they are not worth enough to visit or explore. Each time you will visit these beautiful places, you will have a different memorable experience. Make sure you do advance booking for traveling to avoid last-minute extra expenses. Also, keep yourself updated with the best time for traveling to these destinations.

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