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Winter’s Men Fashion Trends and Style Tips

Winter’s Men Fashion

Winter is arriving soon! It is time to rejoice & plan a new wardrobe for a new season. As winter sets in, men’s fashion trends start changing and they once again find themselves struggling with the outfit ideas following the new trend. Men’s outfit displays a good impression if worn correctly, and thus dressing as per the latest trend is a good place to start. To survive in this chilling time of the year with a stylish and smart look, every man needs to invest in the best men’s winter outfits.

What can you expect to see by way of men’s fashion in 2019? The upcoming winter season has some great ideas for men to give them a trendy look. Keep reading to know more in detail!

Men’s Winter Outfit Ideas


Before choosing any particular outfit, let us discuss the configuration of clothes. Different fabric performs differently in different conditions, or you can say seasons. While talking about men’s outfits, cotton garments like Pima or Denim can be easily found in their wardrobe. Flannel fabric is also very warm, soft & light in weight which can be considered in winters. Apart from this, wool is known to be warm, hypoallergic, stain-resistant. Materials like sweaters, shirts or socks made up of wool work great in winters for men. Other materials like nylon, leather are also preferred.

Winter Jackets

There is no better time than winters to bend your outerwear options. Jackets have always been the essence of winters and are still in trend. Men’s winter outfits are fragmentary without jackets! Every year, different styled jackets hit the style market. The coming winter has great choices for men too. You can opt for Peacoat, Parka/Anorak, Technical Jackets, Bomber/Flight Jackets, and Field/Military Jackets for an appealing personality look. Men’s winter dress coats for a high-low approach are also a good option to try this year.

Sweaters & Cardigans

Sweaters add grace to men’s outlook in winters and are one of the simplest outfit ideas. Why not go for this warm and comfy feel garments? You can go for cotton, wool or cashmere sweaters in 2019. Instead of picking up classic sweater-over-a-button down, try something new this time. Chunky mock neck cardigans will add a symbolic attitude and warmth when worn over long-sleeve tees, collared shirts & sweatshirts.  The pattern doesn’t matter much in such cases and neck shape of crewneck, V-neck, quarter zip, roll neck or shawl collar are quite popular.


Don’t need to go for sweatpants and boot cut jean whole winter. The season is coming up with some experiments with style & fabrics! Men’s wardrobe has a special place for a variety of pant textures & fabrics. The zone of denim pants has not changed much and is ruling for more than a century. However, the styles have changed in terms of colors, fabrics & cuts. Men’s winter fashion is represented well by these pants. If you are not a denim lover, try other options like wool pants or Chinos which not only provide warmth but also give a flat outfit look.

Winter Boots & Shoes

As soon as you are done with the clothing ideas, next comes the turn of the footwear section. Similar to upper outfit ideas, your shoe choice plays a crucial role in representing winter personality. You will get a variety of white leather sneakers which effectively balances out the dark outfit in winters. How about boots? They suit everybody and are a durable option to confront winter elements. Providing comfort, warm & stylish look, they are a must in men’s wardrobe.  There are also dress shoes which you can wear after dressing up for business casuals.

Winter Accessories

Winter accessories, when added with your outfits; furnish grace of it as well as your personality. Go for a simple, leather strap watch for a noteworthy depth to your look. While choosing winter socks, try not to buy cheap ones and go for wool socks instead. They have natural odor & moisture repelling properties which works great for your sweaty feet. To protect your vision from bleak sun rays, prefer a polarized pair of sunglasses as a wardrobe vital. A thick scarf rounded on your neck will work as clemency in the chilling climate. A great variety of fabric, texture, colors and lengths are available to choose from.

Color Palette

While making a choice of clothes, footwear or any small to big thing these winters, color selection plays a crucial part. This season is all about top to tail grey, making mixing and matching easy. Alongside the ever-present blacks, rich leathery browns, and navy tones, grey is also utilizing this season’s color palette. From deep charcoals and slates to warm & cool grays, you need to think neutral for the majority of your wardrobe. To stay fashion-forward, dress head to toe in garments by mixing up the look of contrasting fabrics, textures & shades.


Wardrobe without men’s winter dress coats? It is hard to suppose. Every fashion-conscious man should have winter dress coats for casual events. The coats are very much popular outfit for winters that come in huge versatility range. Moreover, they look cool with trousers, jeans or chinos as well. Either you are heading to office or planning for evenings out, winter coats works very well!

Final Verdict

These are some of the tips for men to follow in winter season. Besides the outfit ideas, here is a fashion tip that all men should remember – Whatever dress you are choosing or buy these winters, make sure it fits you well. Don’t go careless with things like size or fitting, it can ruin your complete look. If you are going to wear any of the upper items, make sure you have got a fitted one. It doesn’t matter if you have the most stylish outfit. If it doesn’t fit you right, it won’t look good whatever may be the price range. So choose your wardrobe discreetly and be precise with the accurate fitting!

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