Some Best Places to Travel Alone In Asia

Best Places to Travel Alone In Asia

Solo traveling has gained immense popularity in recent times. It comes with a list of excitement and opportunities like never before. It is slowly becoming an intense desire for many of the people to explore the world. Group traveling is fun no doubt, but a solo holiday is another option where you can spend time with your own company.

Along with the fun & peace, what more you can get from solo traveling is developing your network, get to learn more about different personalities. A great way to self-learning & self-improvement! But how will you decide which place to choose for a solo holiday? Let us help you with the best, affordable & safest places to travel in Asia.

Best solo holiday places in Asia


A fascinating country, modern yet engrossed in old traditions & culture! It has a variety of food options and all year round sunshine. Being a solo traveler you will be amazed to feel lost in the jungles in Kuala Lumpur. From experiencing cool rainforest estates and rows of inviting tropical trees to the shopping malls and street food, the place is a blessing for solo travelers who are fond of nature and adventures.


Want some peaceful time? You have spot options like Sabah, Danum valley or Kota Kinabalu. Malaysia is a place where you can easily overcome your dread of solo trips due to its safety, cheap shopping & food facility, hiking adventures and ease of communication in English.


It is one of the most industrialized & economically prosperous regions in Asia. What it offers is great mountains, cycling lanes, a variety of street food, dazzling coastal lines and a lot more. The place beholds enchanting beauty, the world of amusements and mesmerizing landscapes. With an extensive mountain range and evergreen forests, Taiwan offers solo tourists several sporting activities.

Taiwan Tourism

Not only is Taiwan a great place for nature solo travelers but it is also a home for a world of marine ecology, plants & animals. Not only is Taiwan a great place for nature solo travelers but it is also a home for a world of marine ecology, plants & animals. No need to worry if you are traveling alone as the company of local people will make you feel safe & comfortable.


Indonesia has an ancillary adventure scope than any other place in Asia. Many of us are more aware of Bali but it is not the only place to visit this amazing place. While traveling alone, this exotic country must be included in your list. The culture, great number of islands, heritage of tropical plants & animals of the destination are really worth experiencing for travelers.

Do you want to add a prodigious experience to your solo trip? Explore places like Flores, Lombok & Komodo islands which will enhance your trip enthusiasm with a stunning range of activities out there. The transport options are easily available to travel & solo retreats are also available at affordable prices. Get ready to meet more solo travelers like you.


Surrounded on four sides by Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar, the beautiful place has nothing less to offer. Spectacular landscapes, lethargic lifestyle, hilly tribes and a very less traffic place where you can spend some quality time alone. Due to its Buddhist tradition, the culture and history of the place attract solo tourists who travel in search of peace. You will find diverse temples & a significant population of monks here.

Laos Tourism

This delightful city is definitely worth visiting and the best place to start if you are traveling alone in Asia. The inside villages of Laos, Nong Khiaw, Phou Khon will let you experience the street market and peaceful roads. From offering cheap food options, safety to great hospitality by the people there, this stunning piece of history is still capable of attracting solo visitors.


It is one of the best places considered for solo travelers. You will be amazed to look out the organization and cleanliness facilities of the place which makes your inner side full with positive ardor. It can be a good starting point for people planning for solo traveling experience.  Moreover, tourism of this place is incomplete without a journey through Singapore’s food paradise with culinary delights of local fares.

Singapore Tourism

Safest city on earth for solo travelers! If you are a night person, this must be on the top of your list as you can roam around Singapore alone at night without any worries. Some of the must-visit places in Singapore are flyer, Gardens by the Bay, Buddha Tooth relic temple and many more. You can also enjoy zoo and night safari which pits you close to the wildlife.

Some Best Places to Visit in Singapore


Have you visited this one of the most beautiful countries in Asia? If not, add this magical place into your travel list now. It is the safety of the place which makes it one of the safest places for solo travelers. While traveling through the country, the gripping sites will keep on amazing you. Some of its major attractions include Ha Long Bay, My Son Sanctuary, Sapa’s landscapes, etc.

Vietnam tourism

The place has a pleasing climate, has outstanding natural beauty with many small peaceful villages. You will never feel lost here as local people are very easygoing and kind to help. The best time to visit Vietnam is during spring and autumn to be a part of traditional festivals. The extremely delicious food reflecting Vietnamese culture is notably relished by the food lovers here.

Vacation for singles has so many interesting options – you are independent to take decisions, choose destinations, deciding the budget, etc. Not only this, but it is also one of the best ways to relieve stress and take pleasure in the singlehood.

Traveling alone gives people the opportunity to open their minds and even adopt alternative lifestyles. From learning about different history & culture of countries, it also helps in building skills like teamwork. Keep these places in mind whenever planning for a solo trip!

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