Some Hard Truths about Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The term marketing does not need any influx in today’s digital world. A great method to promote your product or service to the targeted audience! When Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn first debuted, marketing quickly move towards social media and started using these channels for marketing. The term “Social Media Marketing” which we all hear on a daily basis has gone viral within no span of time.

There is no suspect in the fact that social media is the place to be, especially for business, it has become an intrinsic component of a marketer’s access. Isn’t it fascinating that you can market any of your practice online for little to no money at all – reach millions of consumers all around the world? But the truth about social media marketing, in reality, is not that cheap. It is not fair to limit the eternal aptitude of social media for just a brand’s awareness as it has much more to it.

Here are some hard truths about social media marketing that needs to be acknowledged by marketers.

Hard Truths about Social Media Marketing

1. Social Media Marketing takes time and efforts

Many marketers think that social media is an easy and quick solution for marketing their company online; a successful social media marketing campaign requires time, budget and manpower with a well thought out strategy. While it may seem like you can just hop online, send a few tweets and gain instant publicity for your organization, nothing could be further from the truth.

Managing an individual account on social media is something different from setting a business profile. For a successful marketing strategy, a business should compute endorsing the product value and in order to get long term success, a business profile need to stick to a commitment, consistency, and change. The profits might be no immediate but it keeps following the strategy. Next is that a business profile should stay persistent with the views or posts and capable to adapt change in policies too. Measurements need to be set in pace, analytics, tracking need to be employed prudently.

2. Not all ROI will be positive

Emerged as a great business tool for a few years, relatively every second company is giving its efforts towards online advertising to build a strong reputation. But the survey up to social media marketing 2019, only a few marketers receive ROI from media campaigns running on different social media channels. The point is that not all marketing campaign will be successful and provide a return on investment to your business.

Not all ROI will be positive

However, this doesn’t imply that you can limit your efforts if any profits not received! Return of Investment varies for each of your campaigns depending on the success rate. What can be the reason for this? This can be due to the wrong approach of marketing online, indicating that by only focusing on posting information related to their needs rather than of customers. The aim should be putting the outward information required by clients and this can be achieved by organizing campaigns that return higher ROI. This is an effective key to master social media marketing.

3. It is not always about the money

It is perfectly said that social media is a great platform to generate cosmic yields and marketers are keep on using it for the same purpose for a few years. A common misconception about social media is that it allows you to earn income by simply updating posts. But the truth is far from this belief! Social Media Marketing is not all about scoring money, not at all.

When you focus on running an ad or campaign on social media as part of your marketing strategy, you can receive some financial outputs though. But the platforms of social media like Facebook, Twitter etc can be used for a business in some phenomenal way. When we consider factors affecting the customer’s loyalty, service and intuitions, social media plays a great role in allowing brands to place a more momentous insistence. In short, social media can be directly related to customer care.

4. Neither Free nor Cheap

We all have heard that social media is a free platform for online advertising. Not really! A non-business profile is free on general basis. Most of the social media offers a base fare for advertising followed by charging for every successful advertisement. What is a successful ad? Either a user gets convinced to click on it, install an application or claim an offer, only then it is considered fruitful.

Social media platforms have now made it really tough for marketers to reach their audience without spending any penny. The price range of showing an advertisement on social media varies as per platform. For example, for Facebook or Instagram, the cost is 1 dollar per impression per day,  5 dollars per view and click per day and 40 dollars for claim or installation. Similarly, other platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter etc have different paying amounts. Keep in mind the statistics of each platform while making your strategy and be clear with your targets too.

5. Don’t Expect Quick Results

When dealing with social media marketing, the only thing you can do is wait. Social media marketing never delivers quick results. Building relationships takes a lot of time, efforts and commitment. You must be patient enough to taste success.  While planning for increasing business revenues, keep in mind that it may take small to huge time.

It doesn’t matter how many strong efforts you are putting to yield results, building a strong presence doesn’t come overnight! If you are a beginner, keep a separate slot for mistakes as it will definitely arrive during the journey. This doesn’t mean that a social media marketing strategy would not work ever. The maximum you can do to perfect your campaign is trying. Implementing a consistent advertising campaign will surely generate social sales success but in the long run.

The Final Verdict:

It is also believed that a large portion of social media is all a matter of luck. There is no guarantee that a full-proof social media marketing strategy will work or not.  But this can’t be denied that the future of advertising lies here only. Either small or large, social media marketing is a must essential for every business.

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