Fashion Tips & Advice that Every Girl Should Know

Care of Your Wear

Being a girl, fashion is something that shouldn’t be neglected by you. It is a must component to reveal your personality after all! You might think that you are aware every bit about your fashion style sense until someone mentions it out loud. We keep seeking advice from experts, designers, and fashion professionals to choose the best fit for our body.

As everyone has their own perspective, girls often get confused about which dressing style to follow that gives them a nimble stare. It is true that fashion helps in enhancing the girl’s overall beauty and personality, but there are certain things that you need to be aware of while deciding which fashion to go with. Have a look at some tips on choosing the appropriate fashion style to improve your physical beauty.

Fashion Tips & Advice that Every Girl Should Know

1. Identify your body type

One of the best rules of fashion for dressing style for girls is to dress according to your body type. Never imitate fashion blindly as it sometimes leads to fashion disaster causing devastation to your overall personality.

When buying a new dress, acknowledge your body type and pick the outfit which not only hides your flaws but at the same time, should bring out the striking and attractive features in you. This is the best fashion tip to escape from flounder looks. For instance, girls with fat or bulky body shape must go with the outfit that makes them look a bit thin instead of igniting their fat look.

2. Make a balance of your top & bottom 

While choosing your outfit, make sure that there is a perfect match of the top and bottom. The popular girl outfits give a lucrative look when knocked with the right balance. Girls who have broad shoulders must wear clothing that will not draw attention to these areas.

When you plan to wear a loose shirt, pair it with tight pants! In case of wide-leg pants, try matching it with either fitted or crop top. A perfect combination not only embraces your shape but also make your move with confidence. Talking about the winter style outfits, you can opt for a top like sweaters, coats along with boot cut jeans, cropped jeans or leggings, whatever you prefer as per your comfort.

3. Showing skin systematically

The different style for girls involves uncovered clothing pattern which gives you a hot look. Crop tops, short skirts, side cut dresses are often loved by girls. But not every outfit gives you an iconic and stylish look!

While choosing skin exposed clothes, you must be aware that what to bear and what to keep under wraps. Try to show only one body part and cover the rest for a dazzling look. Some of the popular girl outfits allow girls to show body parts, if you want to show your upper body part, make your lower part covered and vice versa. Indiscretion with skin show off should be avoided and skin should be exposed strategically.

4. Carrying Accessories 

Carrying accessories with your dress plays a crucial role in making your personality. It is quite simple with summer dresses. Winter style requires some attention in case of lifting accessories. Also, you need to take care of the color combination while choosing one.

Carrying Accessories

If you have got a wardrobe of neutral colors like black, grey or navy, etc, pair it with boldly hued shoes and bags. You can also wear a neutral base with shoes and bags in two different complementary colors. Being a girl, you need to make an appropriate combination with respect to your dressing style. Wearing pants that are not the right length of the shoes is a very common mistake – flat or heels are a good option!

5. Care of your wear 

While shopping for new dresses, make sure that the fabric of the piece stays the same even after washings. Some of the fabrics lose their finishing after a few washes and gives a very dull look. This is the perfect advice a girl should recognize buying clothes.

Remember some clothes require additional and soft care means you would not be able to shell out on your own. Take the help of specialized cleaners if you believe that it is not your task. Don’t mix white with colored ones, use different materials for different clothing types, wash delicates in low heat settings, and use special washing detergent for delicate and new clothes. Take care of your wear will keep it stay long!

6. Edit your wardrobe

Many girls or teens have a habit of keeping a messy wardrobe which makes them confused about what to wear and whatnot. Your wardrobe should consist of the collection of trending clothes which most suit you and you prefer to wear.

If possible, make a habit of organizing your wardrobe once in a while. It will make you aware about the unused things kept and what you need to discard. Your clothes need a breathing room where each of your items is organized in a graceful manner. Scouring in a hurry, most of the time greatly contributes to your fashion disaster look. Organized wardrobe will give you the best outfit ideas, not only to teens but to every age person.

7. Choose your colors as per your skin tone

Many of teen outfit ideas we go through are decided on the basis of colors. Some people like bright colors while some prefer to wear dark ones. Have you ever wondered about which and why a specific color suits you best? If not, now is the time to think! 

Choose your colors as per your skin tone

The reason is your skin tone. Your personality looks great when you wear the outfit matching your skin tone. Fill your wardrobe with the colors that blandish you the most. Girls with cool complexion should go like white, black, grey, blue kind of colors, others having dark skin tone should prefer shades like brown, yellow, gold, etc. Also, make sure to wear light colors like white in bright daylight for an amazing look.

Hope the above tips will help you in making fashion choices more efficiently. Keep yourself updated with the latest fashion trends to generate a classy look.