Some Famous Beaches in USA Which You Can Explore

Famous Beaches in USA

Beaches have always been a hot favorite as vacation spots. People usually go to beaches when they need an escape from their daily errands. The gusting clean water beaches provide a perfect sight to soothe the senses. There is something great about beaches which make it a perfect choice to enjoy.

Nothing is more reinvigorating than spending the best affordable beach vacations in the USA! Beaches in the USA offer an excellent opportunity for a variety of water games making if a perfect spot for vacations. The sun shines bright, ocean breezes blow as the majestic shadow of trees gently sway overhead. Offering family fun and thrilling water sports, the USA beaches have it all.

Some of the great beaches in the USA

1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

When to Visit: June to August

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a coastal city on the east coast of the USA in South Carolina. Myrtle Beach is one of the major centers of tourism in South Carolina and the USA because of the warm subtropical climate of the city and extensive beaches. Myrtle Beach is a protracted span of silky white sand when you can enjoy fishing, swimming, sunbath, sailing & surfing all at one place. What more it offers is a variety of special conventions, events, and musical concerts.

Scurrilous sunsets along the waterfront are an amazing view! There is so much you can do on the shore of this one of the great beaches in the USA. The amusement park offering water slides, roller coasters & race tracks adds fun to the beach visit.

2. Miami Beach

When to visit: March to May

Myrtle Beach

Miami Beach is a coastal resort city in Miami –Dade Country, Florida, USA. Either you are a party-hooked person or seeking mitigation from the crowd, Miami Beach is a perfect place for you. Invest your days taking a sunbath at Lummus Park or Haulover Beach Park. The sunset comes with humming nightlife. You will experience a mixture of cultures, residents & travelers meld with a vast variety of people at the best beach in Florida.

A complete safe city for visitors! Roaming around the streets of Miami Beach, you will explore high-end dining formulation all in a line. Both the shining sunny day life and nightfall give you devastating memories that you can cherish for your lifetime.

3. Nantucket, Massachusetts

When to visit: March, April, September & October

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket is set against blazing blue scenery of ocean and cove in the neighborhood of white cottages. Nantucket offers a collection of splendid beaches that attract every tourist. You can enjoy most of the island activities at very cheap prices. Some major attraction points are surfside beach; brant point light, coskata coatue wildlife refuge and some others. Seafood is what you would like to enjoy most.

Best vacation spot to escape summers! This Clearwater beach has so much to offer to make your holidays remarkable. From clean sands, great luxuries on the surfside beach on southern shore to solitude environment, high waves & stunning sunset at Madaket beach, everything is just amazing.

4. Coronado, California

When to visit: March to May; September to November


A perfect place for best affordable beach vacations to surf or lay on the beach, enjoying a bonfire and many other activities. The main attraction of the place is Mexican cuisine, booming nightlife and country’s favorite zoos. The best beach in California has some major visiting spots – Balboa Park, mission beach, pacific beach, and others. You will experience Spanish, Hispanic & American domination in the culture & customs.

Plan your vacation for the best beach in California! You can roam around the area by car and the beach can be covered by enjoying placing waves of the beach with an alluring sunset view. Add it into the checklist of must-visit places while visiting the United States.

Tips To Follow While Preparing a Vacation Plan

5. Cape May, New Jersey

When to visit: May, June, September or October

Cape May

Cape May is a city at the southern tip of Cape May Peninsula in Cape May Country, New Jersey. It has clear water beaches for you and your family to have a reclined time. Along with beaches, luxuries like restrooms and dining locales are equally up to the mark. The island has many beaches around it – sunset beach, Cap May point, The Cove, etc. You can enjoy amazing sunsets, hangouts, sunbaths & surfing at all of them.

A diverse place with sterile beaches, walkways and all the luxuries for visitors! What best you can get here is the variety of beaches, dining, shopping variety & activities like spa, and some great places like Fireman’s museum, Zoo, The Colonial House, and Cap May Stage are some.

6. Pensacola

When to visit: Mid-September & October


The Clearwater aqua beach has soft white sands which make it one of the best beaches in Florida. Being divided into different areas, it tempts to attract visitors of all ages. From peaceful coastlines, beach bars to a range of restaurants, it gives the aroma of Southern culture. You will practice military presence at Pensacola and also get a chance to explore historic Pensacola village or National Naval Aviation Museum like places.

Love seafood? Best place for you. The dining structure of Pensacola majorly relies on seafood. More of the area can be getting around by car or taxi. The beach is filled with different suitable places for both privacy lovers and crowded indulgent.

The above list only includes a few beach names. The place has numerous other beaches to offer which you will enthrall during your visit. Some of these are cheap, some are moderate and some are expensive. Decide the budget for your trip to conclude which best beaches you can visit with an economic stay. Also, take care of the best time advised by visiting a particular beach so that you can savor the best weather and activities there. If possible, make your bookings on a prior basis from the sites offering the best deals to your visit.


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