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Some Best Tips for How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Have you ever face anxiety issues while addressing gathering? You might be surprised to know that fear of public speaking is one of the greatest causes of panic attacks. The phobia of public speaking stems from the natural tendency of the person’s mind to fear the unknown. Being a human, agitation is obvious & Fear of speaking in public is universal!

Whenever an average person thinks of speaking in public, the immediate emotion he or she feels is fear. There is a physical reason for that panicky feeling when a person is put into a position to speak in public. The reason is our body’s consciousness that speaking in front of others is a sinister situation that demands over-creation of adrenalin. This over-creation of adrenalin gives the symptoms of feeling spooked.

It is feigned that most of the time individuals who fear public speaking are troubled being perceived as a bad speaker or labeled negatively. The good news is that phobia of public speaking can be managed with just simple resolutions.  Overcoming fear of public speaking only demands some efforts from your side.

Want to learn ways to overcome your fear to achieve success in life

Here is some overcome public speaking anxiety techniques shared in detail.

1. Getting Organized

When you make yourself organized with all the thoughts and views which you like to present, you will feel serene and mild. Make your thoughts clear & organized, the anxiety issues which you generally feel at such situations get reduced to some extent. Clear thoughts, better focus results in more confidence while addressing.

2. Regular Practice

Practicing before delivering the actual speech helps in overcoming your fear of public speaking. Prepare your speech on a prior basis so that you don’t get nervous on an original day. How this can be done is by gaining confidence representing it among your group or even mirror. Practice & prepare in front of the crowd, be it friends, family or whatever you feel comfortable with. When you are done with this, you are ready to go!

3. Mental Rehearsal

It is one of the most effective techniques to overcome public speaking anxiety. Let’s suppose you are all set to address the public gathering in a few times. Take ten minutes before your presentation & rehearse in your mind of a brilliant performance. Think and dwell upon the ideal result, your psyche mind will respond accordingly in the real situation.

4. Rejection shun

Just remember that you don’t get born a great communicator. Nobody is! You become one by doing it and making a vigilant effort to get good at it. Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong if the audience wouldn’t get captivated to it, at least you tried. If you keep on fearing with the rejections, your fear of public speaking will stick to you every time you come to deliver.

5. Attitude

Along with words, one more thing that the audience will discern about you is your attitude. So be sure that your attitude is positive, always! From where it will come is the visualization of your success. It is a powerful technique that works out to bring the positivity in you and shape your future’s reality. When you learn the art of it, you already become the winner of public speaking fear.

6. Facing your fears

The most important thing to overcome the fear of public speaking is by facing your fears. You have to be complacent with it and learn how to make use of it when you are in a certain situation. This is not a bad thing at all! You can use your fear to boost alertness that will guide you to go on with your talk. The fact that you are being attentive makes you avoid committing mistakes. Don’t let fear eat you up and learn to handle it.

7. Patience

Think patiently what makes you afraid of facing the crowd. There can be so many reasons why fear is nagging you. Being patient with yourself is the best thing you can spare yourself to fulfill your goal. Do not underestimate or be negative about your capabilities to cope with your fears. If you learned to deal with it patiently, you will realize that fear is not that bad at all. Have some patience, things will be alright.

8. Work on your interest area

Be specific about your content and choose your interest area to address gathering. Prepare your content!  Begin to map out the subject area you are going to cover & plug-in the major key points you want to cover. In case of additional details needed, make a list of the details and start excavating. When you speak on your favored topic, you automatically build confidence inside you and able to deliver a great speech.

No worries if you are not able to do this on your own. You can take help from a great coach or mentor for guidance. Many groups or classes are now available to guide in overcoming your fears of public speaking by arranging various confidence-building exercises. Secondly, the most important thing to become confident is practice and more practice. When you address people, your turbulence may affect your breathing spreading antagonism during your activity. Focus on your breathing so that your voice gets more sonority and you will feel relaxed. It will help to reduce stress & anxiety level and you can work more efficiently.

Overcoming fear in public speaking will make a big difference between doing well & doing brilliantly. Work on all the above tips to conquer your fear of public speaking as chances are there, and it always will.  The only thing required is your efforts!

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