Best Heart-healthy Exercises to Perform

Heart-healthy Exercises

Being physically active indeed contributes to a healthy heart. As your heart is a muscle, you have to make efforts to make it live longer & healthier. There are several ways to keep your heart-healthy. Diets, exercises for heart health, meditation are a few commonly used methods. Following a nutritious diet must include heart-healthy foods to boost your immunity and protect your heart. Heart-healthy foods include – vegetables, whole grains, avocados, nuts and many more in the list.

Exercising is probably the most convenient and easiest to follow technique & most effective too. During your exercise, your heartbeat increases naturally. It is a good sign though. It has been found that the sequences of short bursts of rapid heart rate followed by a few minutes of rest is good training for adapting your heart to work at a rapid pace if necessary. One immediate advantage of exercise!!

How does exercise beneficial for health?

Exercise programs are meant to keep your heart-healthy. This can be referred to as weight control. Any kind of normal exercise done regularly, over a period, results in weight reduction. Why? This is due to the disintegration of excessive fat in your body. You can also join a weight training program to maintain and build muscle mass. Effectively, more muscle mass building leads to more calories burnt and keeps the heart-healthy.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to be a perfect athlete or sportsperson for doing exercise. A simple walk or jogging can also make you fit by keeping your heart-healthy. Make a habit of morning walk, if possible.  If you are not habitual of exercise, do make it for your heart and to live longer.

How exercise benefits the heart?

The major contribution of exercise into the heart is – calorie burn, reduced blood pressure, reduction of bad cholesterol and lift of good cholesterol. The best exercise for healthy makes you and your heart fit, so make a goal and include exercise a part of your routine.

Best exercises for a healthy heart

Now if you are ready for exercise, a question may arise as to what type of program will be the most effective exercise for heart health. Firstly, following some kind of exercise or weight training routine is better than not doing any exercise. If you are confused about choosing the best cardio for heart health, start with the exercise which you enjoy doing.

As soon as you make exercising a fun activity, you will be motivated to continue with it for the erect enjoyment you get out of it!

Here are some of the best exercises for a healthy heart which you can perform:

1. Aerobic exercise

Duration: At least 30 minutes a day

Examples: Jogging, Walking, Cycling, Aerobics rowing or swimming  

Aerobic training is an activity that is constant without interruptions and lasts for an extended period. It helps in enhancing circulation which consequently leads to low blood pressure and heart rate as well.  How this best considered cardio for heart health helps – makes you feel more energetic and productive, decrease the chances of developing fatal heart diseases and halt you to gain more weight.

This part of the exercise is fun & kills time. You can jog or take a brisk walk by listening to music which will not only provide you refreshment but also keeps your heart-healthy.

2. Strength Exercise Work

Duration: At least two non-consecutive days per week

Examples: Free weight (hand weights, dumbbells or barbells), resistance bands, weight machines, squats, push-ups or chin-ups

Strength exercises are meant primarily to build your muscles stronger; however, these are the best exercises for a healthy heart. As compared to cardio training, strength exercise is a double-barbed method. Among plenty of strength training workouts, the best one are squats, dead-lifts, arm curls, etc. You can perform these either at your home or at the gym, depending on your choice.

If you are a person with obesity, strength exercise helps to reduce the exorbitant weight and create slender mass. The blend of both cardio & strength exercise helps in lifting good cholesterol level and drop the bad one.

3. Stretching

Duration: Every day before & after other exercises

Examples: Basic stretches, Tai Chi or Yoga

Stretching is a type of exercise which is aimed to willfully expand the muscles. You can easily do it by blending your body into some different positions. Stretching not only makes our body flexible but also increases the mobility of joints. Improved blood circulations to injury prevention due to weight training are some of the other benefits. Want to relieve your stress, stretching can help!

This kind of flexibility is required to maintain the aerobic as well as strengthen training. Stretching will be beneficial to do before the real workout as it enables to prepare your muscle for more intense activity.

Indeed exercise is crucial for a healthy heart as well as a fit body, but your age is an important factor to be considered. If you are young, you have practically no limitations and can perform any type of exercise you want.

But what if you are a middle age person or a senior citizen?

Belonging to this age group requires a gradual process to follow. The heart-healthy exercises differ for seniors and they should initiate with something light and easy. When you get habitual and comfortable, you can then progressively make it more onerous. Following the right heart-healthy exercises for seniors will prevent them from any muscular injuries. You have to be more cautious when it comes to age factor. Consult to a physician would be a better option before indulging in any exercise program.

Is exercise beneficial for heart patients?   

Yes, it is! There is almost no disease that exercise doesn’t benefit. Just because you are a heart patient, it doesn’t mean that you have to sit idle. Regular exercise will improve the functionality of your heart and reduce the chance of future heart problems.

Now, what are the best exercises for heart patients? To get an accurate reply, you must consult with your provider who can guide you better. Generally, aerobic activity can be done but with a slow start and proper rest in between the sessions. Resistance training is also considered the best exercise for heart patients which help to improve strength and muscles work together.  The combination of a heart-healthy diet and heart-healthy diet exercise is the key to a healthier heart!

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