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Some Must Known Cons of Social Media

Cons of Social Media

With such a social media craze, it has bordered us to a limited world. From Facebook to Twitter, the world has grasped the new tools that have helped thousands of people interacting with each other no matter where they are.

Merits, yes of course! Indeed there are many positive features that come with social media which is irrefutable. However, in all these worthiness, what many forget are the down sides. It is palpable that all good things come with pitfalls and social media is not escaped from this too.

Though the advantages of social media are tremendous but we can’t ignore the disadvantages of social media as well. Let’s discuss that in detail.

Cons of Social Media

  1. Viral Potential of Media

Think about the viral potential of media!

When you have some news or item to share with an audience, it goes spread like bushfire all around the world. But when the news is negative and bad in taste, the same will happen with that brand. It is hard to intake the damage control when you are dealing with social media. Your good image hardly build might be corrupted within hours. This has already happened with many big industries in the past which made them suffer image loss overnight.

  1. Accelerated Labor

    The need of demanding labor is another disadvantage of social media. If you are meant to build a brand and a name through social media, you must be ready to spend time in updating your audience on all the relevant issues. Once you become established, you will tend to have a bigger crowd and it can be difficult to meet the needs of each and every customer resulting in the increase of your labor greatly.

However, this can be solved by putting in place a networking campaign that is manageable and grow progressively!

  1. Health Issues

We all are aware of this! Aren’t we?

Excess of everything is atrocious and same is true in the case of social media. The surplus use of social media can also have negative influence on health. People used to spend a lot of time on social media which gives birth to many health hazards. From surging laziness to causing loneliness & depression, social media is more than a scorch. It brings clutter in the routine life of a person directly or indirectly.

  1. Give & Take

You must be ready to connect with your audience all the time. Researches have proven that the law of reciprocity will apply here. Simply, you need to give & take. If you have any updated helpful information on a network, a person who is engrossed might respond and it is your responsibility to reply to their queries and satisfy their concern. If this essence is not done, your audience will lose faith in you and you will lose them.

Audience will take and run with what they have!

  1. Privacy Issues

It is well known that social media is all about sharing!

With so much of sharing on these platforms, perturb of privacy always remain an issue. You should always be careful for posting any content on social media. Posting inappropriate content, owning of content by social sites or becoming a target after sharing geographical location online as some of the common issues caused due to social media. Sharing too much on social media with public can give rise to many disputes which becomes tough to solve.

  1. Highly Addictive

Social media is so much addictive that one can’t stop scrolling down the feed on a continuous basis. Especially the youths who are highly obsessed with the use of social media, soon become the victim of enslaving part of it. This habit not only makes them mentally disturb but also affect their personal lives. Youth surround themselves within the world of social media, waste their particular time and gets cut off from the society.

Simply, productivity level gets crushed with this social media addiction!


  1. Demands Great Time Investment

Time is precious for all, but the social media demands more of it!

When we use social media for any kind of marketing campaign, the cost in terms of time is symbolic. To get the desired success in that particular, you need to invest steady amount of time for a long period of time duration. You need to take high level of commitment because the more time you invest on social media platforms, the better results you get. The one thing which matters here is patience.

  1. Upgrades

Social media keeps on modifying its rules on a very quick basis. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn have different algorithms to follow every time you hit the screen.  You need to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest trends and the best practice which is currently needs to follow. Also many new platforms keeps on developing on daily basis, some are worthy while others are not.

Make a regular review and revise on the updates to stay pertinent!

Disadvantages of social media in Education

Teens & youths also suffer cons of social media in their education. Students are disclosed to some of the major concerns like grooming or cyberbullying due to social media platforms. Moreover, the spontaneous communication in social networks creates dependency among teens and youths which makes contribution to its addiction.

Distraction, of course! Students get easily distracted with the extravagant use of social media which cause gloomy affect on their academic performance. Social media becomes more ruinous when used for personal communication instead of educational purpose. Losing face to face communication engagement is another risk of social media as they no more want to enlist for real world communication.

Along with advantages, the disadvantages of social media for students are more threatening. It should not be neglected and needs supervision among students to avoid its adverse affect.

The Final Verdict

Though cons of social media doesn’t imply that it should not be used. You can take benefit from the diverse advantages of it but must also take care of the detriments of it so that it would not have negative influence in your life.


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