Some of the Best Remedies on How to Treat Dry Skin

How to Treat Dry Skin

Dry skin can be very difficult to live with and it can also cause many other skin problems. If you have dry skin problem, you know how depressing it can be. Dry skin is itchy, nutty and uncomfortable. It can even be perplexing for many of us!

Skin being the largest body organ needs protection and treatment. Are you a victim of dry skin? No worries, though! There are solutions out there. But before discussing the preventions, one must be aware about the causes of dry skin.

There are lots of causes of dry skin. People often get confused about the link of dry skin with cold weather. However, cold weather is not the only cause! Overexposure to the sun or a poor diet can be the causes of skin dry out. Even some medications will cause this problem as well. There are lots of other causes of dry skin, but it is mainly due to the lack of oils that provide moisture for the skin. These oils are naturally occurring substances in the skin, but when they are low in amount, the body organ may not be able to maintain its appearance and will start showing dryness.

Lack of vitamins also causes dryness & wrinkling. Whenever the skin is subjected to changing humidity in the air, moisture gets decreased and cause dryness. After discussing all these causes, let’s come to how to cure dry skin.

How to treat dry skin?

  • Exposure to sunlightOne of the best prevention methods to dry skin care is to limit your exposure to sunlight. Too much sun will quickly dry out your skin! This doesn’t mean to stay inside all the time.You can use best body lotion or moisturizer for dry skin to help protect your skin. Try to select a sunscreen that has high SPF and also contains a moisturizer to help reduce drying or cracking. Also, try to wear full sleeves clothes when exposed out to sun. Cover most of your parts with accessories so that sunlight can’t make affect on your delicate skin.
  • Avoid Hot Showers

Don’t take long, hot showers. You will need to take short warm water showers to cure dry skin on face especially. Most of the people don’t realize this, but taking a long hot shower will actually dehydrate your skin.

Long baths will only serve to dry out your skin more, believe it or not! You should avoid the temptation to over soak your skin. Use warm water and keep the bath duration short. Also after having a warm shower, use best body lotion for dry skin all over your body. This will help your skin soft & pliable.

  • Cleanse Gently                  

While taking warm or cold shower, don’t use harsh soaps on your skin!  Also avoid using products that contains harsh chemicals on your skin. Always use moisturizing soaps for your body because strong or harsh soaps can strip up the skin of natural moisturizing oils found in it.

You can switch to all natural products and it is well worth it, both for your skin and for the environment. It will be best to use soaps that have milk moisturizers and essential oils to cure dry skin on face as well as skin. Also wash with soap less cleanser during your shower as they can help the skin to hold moisture and can work as dry skin care.

  • Effect of MoisturizingAnother best way to treat dry skin on face or other parts is to use best moisturizer available for dry skin. There are dedicated facial lotions and moisturizers for dry skin which promote the production of natural oils in deeper layers of the skin.

All these usually come in the form of creams, lotions and other form of emulsions which are applied generously and left on the skin to be absorbed into the deeper layers. Whichever the best facial moisturizer for dry skin you will be using should have high oil content and be water-based. It should contain ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid and dimethicone. Get your skin moisture locked with best moisturizers or lotions!

  • Exfoliate the skin

If you notice that your skin is beginning to dry out, the first thing you should do is shed it. The reason for this is because, over time, dead skin cells can build up on your skin.

This can prevent lotions and creams from being effective in dry skin care. If you use a moisturizer and you want to be effective with it, then you must firstly get rid of the dead skin cells that are creating a barrier over your skin. This should be done as soon so that further damage on the dry skin can be obviated.

The major area of dry skin is face for many people. Of course, all of the above things are meant to prevent dry skin or further damage. Besides this, there are some natural remedies which can be used to cure dry skin on face overnight. Some of the natural treatments are – honey or oatmeal masks can moisturize your skin in a natural way. This is not only cheap but also a convenient fixes that are good for environment too.

You can also choose sunflower seed oil which improves hydration when used as a moisturizer. Similarly some other remedies are coconut oil, milk, petroleum jellies, aloe Vera can help to cure dry skin on face and other parts of body. All these contain moisturizing elements which helps to prevent skin from drying and keep it hydrated for long time.

As you can see, treating and curing dry skin is not that difficult as it seems! Following the above tips will help in providing a soft, beautiful skin before you know it. Of you don’t want to go for artificial approaches, you can consider natural treatments methods whenever you face dry skin issues. Take care of your skin and keep it hydrated to prevent your outer beauty!

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