6 Best Instagram Marketing Trends for 2019

Instagram Marketing

Social media channels have become one of the best platforms for marketing opportunities. Every marketer knows that social media is one of the most useful ways to expand reach, connect with your target audience and ultimately grow your business. Comparing to others, social media marketers are now more interested in Instagram marketing.

But why Instagram?

Instagram has shown better engagement of people on brand products which have dragged its position to the first row. While scanning for a portion of the top of the line to medium-sized associations, you will be amazed to see that a greater part of them are not on Instagram even utilized name of their organization for promoting on the platform. Instagram is potential enough to change over and help in lead interference for potential and current customers. Apart from networking, Instagram can be used as a beneficial tool for social media marketing, influencer marketing etc.

Being a business owner, you will be always on a lookout for new ways to market your products or services. Researches have proven that an internet marketing company generally has started hitting huge revenue in 2019 itself prompting more brands to linger on this channel. All these guarantee you about an online audience engagement with your brand, so it is now important to learn the latest Instagram social media marketing trends.

Instagram Marketing Trends

  1. Instagram Stories

Launched in 2016, Instagram stories have become the most used feature. Not only for regular users, it has opened the doors for marketers by enabling them to reach maximum customers. How this can be achieved?

The answer is by following the right Instagram marketing strategies. Following are the various methods which can help you to influence your brand’s Instagram Marketing process.

  • Being a brand representative, you can make high quality design ads for promotions and add them between the slides of other people’s stories. Promoting any of your deals, contest or giveaways in the form of ads can help in engaging your target audience and making them aware about your business.
  • The other use of Instagram story is to run a poll or contest via it. Polls help you to flock your consumer’s preferences and observations in detail. Next time, you would be more discreet about the needs of audience resulting in consumer’s trust. Another thing to make your story engaging is by running contest and offering rewards to winners.
  • Your Instagram story can be a good medium to aware audience about your new product launch. You can also just showcase your featured products through clout Instagram story, in case you don’t have new product.
  1. Shopping through Instagram

   Instagram has also appeared as an online selling platform. This means you can add clickable links into your posts to make the users buy brand products. Various e-commerce brands have already started working on creating Instagram campaigns to reach the audience. You can display your products in shoppable posts and add the link for consumers to buy.

  • Not only in posts, the buy link can also be added into the Instagram stories now. Brands use this platform to showcase not only their latest collections but also drive conversions by gaining potential customers.
  • Instagram Boutiques work as a virtual product to display their products with related hash tags so that your brand reaches right audience.
  1. Vertical Videos

Instagram has updated itself with the rise of vertical videos. Instagram live, stories and IGTV all support the vertical videos format and has gained huge popularity. What you can do on the Instagram related to vertical videos? Being a brand, you can showcase your products, run a contest, and make a tutorial display with the help of vertical videos.

All these vertical video allow exemption to upload any type of vertical videos. Make sure that your vertical video is creative enough to attract potential customers. Creating vertical videos for your brand help in the audience engagement and getting more efficient at video production can allow you to improve your content performance.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Though it is not a new trend, but it is worth of use. Brand influencer collaborations are always be the backbone of marketer’s Instagram influencer marketing strategies. Generally a brand is clout influencers for crating posts, building backlinks for the site, improving engagement of customers and driving conversions.

Influencers can help you to promote a deal, product or good content!
Instagram influencer marketing does not cost you much money as compared to traditional ad campaigns or you can say it is an alternative of saving money caused on traditional marketing. Now has the time to use network of influencers to promote the Instagram marketing campaigns using specific hashtags instead of one or two like earlier times. The combination of influencers and hashtags is basically the plan to run Instagram marketing campaign.

  1. Content Dependency

We all know that content is the king of any marketing plan, it is here too. You are only allowed to display a virtual image of your brand’s products. Then how will the audience engagement work in this case? You need to impress your customers by your content. Posts that are not only attractive but also have interesting, informative and engaging content leaves a good impact on audience.

The rising popularity of Instagram stories can work as a helping hand here. People love stories and you must create content with stories. Try to post real content about real people and real things. Hypothetical stuff has no room in Instagram as this would smear you and also cause negative effect on your business image.

  1. New Features of Instagram

Instagram has transformed itself within past few years and have come up with the new inventive and useful features in 2019. From visual news feed, live streaming to IGTV, Instagram is evolved remarkably.

Also, Instagram has made it possible to share stories, posts, GIF, voice message, video chat and even IGTV videos through direct messages. The evolving new features of Instagram have made its social media marketing a beneficial step for business growth. Instagram is still working to launch many of the new and updated features to make Instagram marketing strategy simpler.

Surely, there are a lot of brilliant opportunities for Instagram marketing. Consistency is a crucial in Instagram social media marketing. You must be consistent in your postings and let your followers know what to expect from you.

Use this platform to engage and influence existing as well as potential customers. You will discover a considerable measure that what more can do on Instagram apart from basic photo enhancements.

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