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How You Can Overcome Fear to Achieve Success

How to overcome your fear

Are you letting your fears hold you back and keep you reaching your goals? You are not alone!

Many of the people want so much to be successful, yet they don’t know how to overcome fear that stops them from achieving that greatness. Fear of any kind of sift is usually the basic factor in your need of success in any area of life. Every one of us has heard of Failure and even experience it at certain points of life.

You will never be able to get the desired things from life if you fail to overcome your fears. But learning to fear overcome is a fundamental skill which a person must adopt if he wants to get success in life.

What are the common types of fear people face in the way of success – fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of parody!

  • Fear of Rejection

Rejection hurts! Despite this, they are part of life and we all need to face rejection at some situations. The fear of rejection is apparently the biggest fear in the path of success. Not only it lowers our confidence but also leads to serious health & mind related issues. Sadly, this fear force many people to give up on their dreams & desires. They don’t initiate anything because they are afraid to be rejected.

  • Fear of Failure

One another reason which stops people in achieving their dreams is the fear of failures. How can you judge failure without even trying? Like rejections, failure is also part of life and one must experience it. Due to fear of failures, people lose courage of trying and consequently they don’t make any initiate. Thus failure is the only option left for such people.

  • Fear of Success

Most of the people are afraid to succeed rather than fail. When success comes, things usually change! Although they have already dreamt of that success, but many of people are not ready for the success and can’t able to handle that. Fear of success may have any reasons – rejection from closed ones, getting more responsibilities, unworthy to handle success.

People also have fear of fun made by other people which also stop them from achieving success. The effect of fear not only results in failures of person’s ambitions but also disturb their mental health. But all these don’t have to be that way. There are many simple methods to face your fears and achieve your goals in life.

How to Overcome Fear?

  1. Accept your fear

The basic step is to recognize your fear. Accept that it is a human nature and having fear is nothing you should feel ashamed of. Many of us have fears, though some are unnamed, unrecognized, but some of them are unaccepted by us and we don’t show it or ignore it. Remember you are not alone! As soon as you start acknowledging it, your confidence starts building up automatically.

  1. Write them down

How writing down your fears will help is by exemplifying the fears. You will get a clear view of the fears that were in the back of your mind, absolutely outside of you.  One of the best ways to overcome your fear is by writing journaling on regular basis. Now you are clear with each of your fear, next step would be to design strategies to overcome them.

Only have the power to do something about it!

  1. Feeling the Fear

Although you have acknowledged your fear, but you may still afraid of it. You are still averse or ashamed of having the fear. Start feeling your fear. Whenever you will feel, your mind will escalate the worst case plot which you can write down. Experiencing the fear to the fullest will help to overcome the fear in an easy way.

Feel the wear & do it anyway!

  1. Don’t compete with others

Competition can be healthy, but not to a great extent. Instead of others, turn your attention on competing with yourself. When you compare yourself with other people, it gives rise to insecurity level. You will start expecting the same results and got fear matured. To keep yourself falling from this trap of fear, it would be better if you devote your time and energy into making yourself better than earlier.

Focus on self growth to reduce the effects of fear!

  1. Listing your strengths

Every one of us has a special factor, skill which makes us different from others. One of the common answers to this question of how to overcome your fear is by working on your skills. Remind yourself about the good things and improve your self-confidence. Listing your strengths & skills will help you to overcome the fear of failure or any other which you have.

  1. Perform the action

Let the action speak for your fears. Feel the fear and do whatever you are planning to do. Action drowns the fear. In order to strike your fear, the best option is to just do it. Don’t think and just act! In many cases, the fear got vanished for lifetime when such actions are made. It will give you rousing experience and will build your inner confidence too.

  1. Learn from mistakes

By seeing a mistake or failure as a stepping stone, you will have an easier time overcoming fear of success. The pressure at the top can be oppressive, but you should remember that nobody is perfect. If you find yourself facing a failed outcome, learn from it. Don’t dwell on it! Use the failure as a fuel to keep you going for a long run.

  1. Start small

Overcoming fear and achieving a goal can be a frightening task!

Instead of making a big plunge, start with small steps. Remember it will take time to reduce the effect of fear from your life. So firstly explore the things you are excellent at and things which you believe can surely derive success to you. Walk into the process with small steps and soon you develop the courage of facing your fear.

When you get mentally prepared about accomplishing your dreams and changing your life, you will be able to overcome fear and achieve your life goals.

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