Natural Way to Get Rid of Lipoma

Natural Way to Get Rid of Lipoma

Have you heard of the term Lipoma? Do you know what it is? A Lipoma is a slow-growing, fatty lump that is most often situated between your skin & underlying muscle layer. It is a growth of fatty tissue that slowly develops under your skin. It mostly occurs in the middle age of person and is found rubbery in nature. This means that you can move it with slight finger pressure. Though these fatty lumps are considered as tumors, but usually are harmless.


A Lipoma can form in any part of the body and some of the people even may suffer from multiple Lipomas in their life. The common areas of its occurrence are neck, shoulders, back, abdomen, arms & thighs. The fatty tumors are benign growths and are rarely harmful. It is generally soft to touch, movable & painless. They usually occur just under the skin but can also be deeper sometimes.

But Lipoma can be sometimes annoying & ugly!

Symptoms & Causes

The cause of Lipoma is unclear till now. Middle age people get more and sometimes they can be genetic too. They can also occur after an injury to a person and the people who already have some rare condition diseases can also have risks of getting these fatty lumps. People who are heavy in size also have Lipoma. So as a summery, family history, obesity & lack of exercise can be considered as the cause of Lipoma.

How would a person become aware of its occurrence? Lipoma shows various different characteristics which enables you to recognize its occurrence.

  • They are usually small in size and are soft lumps.
  • They can be moved easily with the finger press.
  • They can be pale or colorless.
  • They show symptom of slow growing.
  • It can be just under the skin

Why Treatment is necessary?

If you notice any lump or swelling anywhere on your body, you should get it checked. The treatment of Lipoma, in general is not required. This is because it does not cause any discomfort or pain to the person. Lipoma is only painful of it starts growing into nerves beneath the skin. It can sometimes start forming inside the body and thus can affect muscles or organs. Also, fatty lumps can sometime be a cancer which grows in a rapid range and can be painful as well. Lipoma can affect the nerves or the internal organs sometimes. Moreover, its ugly look doesn’t go well with many of the people and they are might interested in getting those fatty lumps removed. All these reasons depict the need of Lipoma removal.

Lipoma Removal

In most of the cases, doctors suggest surgical process to be done to get rid of these fatty tumors. But middle age people can’t convince themselves for the surgeries many often. Also surgeries doesn’t guarantee for the non-occurrence of Lipoma in a person’s life. Long recovery time, infection risks, age factor are some other reasons for avoiding surgery.

But now many natural treatments of Lipoma are available which can cure Lipoma at home. Many of the herbs like turmeric, chickweed, sage and neem can be used and applied over Lipoma area to get results. Also natural oils like Olive oil can be used for the treatment. Some other treatment includes thuja occidentalis, lemon water, green tea, healthy diet & regular exercise.

Best Home Treatment – Lipoma Wand

There is now another natural treatment available for Lipoma removal without going through any surgery. Lipoma can now be treated with a small electric device which is very easy to use. It is termed as “Lipoma Wand.” Lipoma Wand is an alternative to surgery following a completely natural, easy & economic approach. It offers a precise, safe & effective ultrasound far infrared heat frequency which you can use to reduce the look & feel of Lipoma.

Lipoma Wand is considered best at home Lipoma treatment in the market. Who don’t want painless removal procedure of fatty tumors! Lipoma Wand does exactly same by meeting the requirements of people in an economic range. Why one should choose this device over surgical procedure? The device has some of the major features which makes it best choice for the people. Let’s discuss all of them in detail.

  • Firstly, surgeries cause much spending of your investments into the treatment. Regardless of that, Lipoma Wand is available at very normal range which is in the budget of every person.
  • This device is portable and can be carried anywhere very easily. You can take it anywhere with you!
  • Unlike surgeries, the approach is completely natural and does not leave any scars on the body either. Keep yourself free from scars with Lipoma Wand!
  • Your skin does not get any harm with this device. Thus, it can be applied anywhere on the skin.
  • No worries if you are suffering from multiple Lipomas. Lipoma Wand can be used for that too.
  • The major plus feature is its easy to use nature.

How to use?

The use process of Lipoma is very simple and just has 3-4 steps in total. The steps are mentioned below in detail.

  • Initially you need to rub the natural oil over the Lipoma area.
  • Next is rubbing of the wand in to & fro position over the area for about 20 minutes. It will reduce the size of Lipoma after the process completion.
  • You should notice the change after every session of treatment.

In short, Lipoma Wand is a modest alternate to surgery for Lipoma treatment at home.

Lipolysis Jelly

Lipolysis Jelly is the refilling cream for the Lipoma Wand Product. As it is reusable for multiple Lipomas, you can use this cream to fill it again to be used again & again for years. Lipoma Wand is considered as homeopathy treatment for removal of fatty lumps. Due to its natural approach, it delivers very quick results by reducing the Lipoma size. This may be the only homeopathic way to get so quick reduction in the size of Lipoma.

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