Technology has endorsed a striking rise in the applications based on Artificial Intelligence in the last year. With its strong impact on the software industry, it has also shown enhancements in the fields of healthcare, automobile industry, agriculture, etc. The same thing is to keep progressing in the current year and future years as well. Due to this hike, companies have started investing their time in the research & development process of AI for the benefit of the environment and consumers will now feel connected with AI.

Below are the 4 best AI trends for 2019 you need to get through

  1. AI-Powered Chips

Artificial Intelligence-powered chips are now aiming to be formed by many of the chip producer companies like Intel, Nvidia. This is for the speed-up of AI-based application’s operations. As AI confide on the particular processors that counterpart the CPU, the training speed of the AI model can’t be enhanced by CPU, not even by the most advanced one. It can be a challenging task for the CPU to accompaniment such applications. As a result, this AI model demands supplementary hardware for processes like a facial reorganization or object identification. These processes required tough mathematical calculations to be done in parallel. AI chips will help in the upgrade of the performance as it is designed to speed up the execution of applications that are based on Artificial Intelligence. You can use these chips for the processes related to speech reorganization, computer vision, etc.  Applications of healthcare or automobile industries can also utilize these chips for intelligence delivery to end-users. These chips will also help in speeding up the query processing & analytics for next-generation databases.

  1. AI and IoT Union

In the present year, both AI and IOT will meet to deliver something different. Internet of things has come up with the changing concept for many of the industries and now its union with AI will have a useful impact on our lives. What IoT can be used for is oddity detection, root cause analysis, anticipating equipment maintenance, etc. Now AI is being unified with IoT for some uses like machinery problem detection, prior issue detection, & situation analysis so that better steps should be taken in the future.  Also, industrial operations can now be improved by deep neural networks and problems like traffic blockage can be solved by sovereign driving use of AI. Advanced deep neural-based models can deal with video frames, speech synthesis, time-series data, and unstructured data which cameras, microphones & other sensors generate. So it will not be wrong to say that IoT is on its way to becoming the biggest driver of Artificial Intelligence. In 2019, edge devices will be rigged with the special AI chips, which are also coming in 2019 as a new trend.

  1. Facial Reorganization

It has gained immense popularity from few years and some even call it the future of Artificial Intelligence. The facial reorganization is analyzed as an application of Artificial Intelligence with an improved veracity and readability concept. 2019 ensures the colossal rise of this application. It helps in identifying the person with their digital image or patterns of their facial features. Facial reorganization proves useful for the security agencies and they can diagnose society’s swindlers. It also helps businesses to provide embody customer service. Where it can prove more beneficial is for biometric identification. Some other applications of it can be payment processing by security checks, law imposition, healthcare field in clinical trials & medical diagnostic processes. Though it has also faced some negative deals in the past time it has not much affected its growing popularity. Its popularity keeps on rising with time and it is proven assured results in applications.

  1. Automated Machine Learning

Automated Machines Learning is observed to be beneficial for business analytics and it is going to transform this as well as the next coming years. Automated machine learning is capable to change the face of machine learning. With this, business analysts and developers are allowed to unfold machine learning models to address tough schemes by eliminating the typical process of machine learning model training. Automated Machine Learning can help in solving difficult problems without following the traditional process of manual machine training. This will save efforts & time of analysts as they will be able to focus on main issues instead of the training process or workflow. Automated machine learning fits perfectly between intellectual API and custom machine learning platforms. You will get an accurate level of customization without getting involved in the workflow procedure. Automated Machine Learning uncovers a similar flexibility degree with a slight difference in custom data integration with mobility.

Above are some of the best key technology trends of Artificial Intelligence for 2019. As a summary, the fame of AI and its uses is increasing productively along with its integration with IoT & machine learning. The technology experts keep on researching more about Artificial Intelligence and are putting up their best efforts. Artificial Intelligence will have a great effect on various industries and businesses globally and will elevate mankind to a new productivity level. In short, AI will have a compelling impact from business to the IT support industry.

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