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Tips on How to Remove Pimples in an Effective Way

How to Remove Pimples

Are you too suffering from pimple problems? The pimples seem to be a problem of all generations as there is not any fixed cause or age for its manifestation. And we all need to admit that, there is nothing congenial about pimples! They are also referred as Zit sometimes and these can lead to many nasty side-effects.

More about pimples

Pimples are small skin infections which is one of the most common problems around the globe. The appearance of these unwanted pimples can cause a lot of frustrations & worries to a person. The side-effects they generally cause are endless. Not only it ruins your outer beauty, but it also causes obstruction on your skin too. One must wonder about the causes of pimples! You should!! Pimples are generally caused by dust particles on your skin that is invisible to you. One other reason is hormonal changes which plays a vital role in pimple’s occurrence. If you are suffering from excess level of stress, pimples will definitely follow you somehow. It can be genetic as well.

How to remove Pimples?

Though removing pimples can be a huge pain but still there are numerous ways to cure pimples. But you must keep in mind that treating pimples & acne is a time consuming process. So have patience and fortitude with yourself. To remove pimples, first of all you have to know the type of skin you have. It is a crucial point to know as taking treatment without knowing what suits your skin can be lousy. So what can be done to get rid of the vexing pimples with little as little efforts as possible while also getting the best possible results? Removing pimples using natural home remedies is a lot easier than you might think. All the methods are not only cheap but effective as well.

1.Washing of Face: You must wash your face at least 2 times a day to keep it fresh. Either use mild soap and water or you can use any natural face wash since cleanliness is a great first line of attack. Acnes can be due to biologic or hereditary factors, the practice of keeping your face clean will eliminate any doubt about this being a contributing cause to your plight. Prefer normal or warm water instead of too hot or cold one as they can make your skin dry.

2.Use of cosmetics: Acnes are linked with the clogged pores, so you need to choose your cosmetics & cleansers wisely. These all should be noncomedogenic which means they should not clog pores while using. Also make sure that the products you are using must suit your skin so that you get the effective results.

3.Non-squeezing of Pimples: Never ever do squeezing or popping of pimples. Though it can be tough to abide, but doing this will force the contents of pimple deeper into the skin and cause additional inflammation or marks on the skin. You can apply some ice wrapped in a soft cloth to the area for the relief to inflammation & irritation. You can also use a noncomedogenic concealing product on your skin.

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4.Reduce stress: Studies have proven that stress is also a major reason for the occurrence of pimples. Pimples cause stress to a person and stress can also cause pimples. So both are interconnected to each other! To break the cycle of removing pimples, you need to reduce the stress whenever possible. Make happy going habits in daily routine and live an easy going life to get acne free skin.

5.Nutritious Diet: We all know that how food plays a crucial role for any health issues. Similar to that, diet plays a crucial role for the cure of pimples. A healthy eating plan can help in eliminating pimples from your skin. If there are certain foods that you believe seem to decline your pimples, then by all means avoid them and substitute them with healthier choices. Also keep drinking more and more water to get a clear skin.

6.Sunlight Exposure: Some individuals also believe that small amount of sunlight help in the outbreaks of pimples. Enjoy the sunshine, but remember that this treatment has no evidence. And large sunlight exposure also increases the risk of skin cancer, so be careful about this natural tip of pimple removal.

7.Egg Whites & Coconut Oil: Egg white is another method of removing pimples. They have the capability of drying out pimples and can be used as a natural effective method. Always wash you face before applying egg whites, because if you do not do so, you can ploy oils and toxins which will lead to more breakouts. Virgin coconut oil has similar affect as egg white and can be used for drying out pimples and remove them.

8.Lemon Juice: One of the effective techniques to remove pimples is by using lemon juice. High acidic juices contain a chemical property that help in reducing pimples and eventually cause it go away completely. Wondering how? You need to apply a little lemon juice to a cloth & dab it on every pimple. Alternative method is washing face with it. You don’t have to clean your face after applying and keep it for long time.

You can also use facial anti-pimple cream over those pimples. Also try to use peeling products at least 2 times in a week to remove the dead skin cells which are considered as a prime source of pimples. Eating healthy diet, having good amount of water, using sudecrem all these are also effective in treating pimples as well as redness that comes with pimples.  Hopefully all the above natural remedies for how to remove pimples can help you to cure pimples. The solution will take time, but it will definitely work for your skin. But keep an eye, if the all above mentioned does not work; you need to take the medical treatment of acne removal. Go for safe & effective method!

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