How to Increase Height in a Natural Way

How to Increase Height in a Natural Way

In this competitive world where appearance is everything, if you ask a person the thing they would like to change about their physique, most of the answers would be height. A height disadvantage can be discouraging & frustrating at the same time at both personal & professional level.  Rich people usually solve the height problems by money or going through surgery process. But people who do not have enough funds to afford expensive medication look for the other natural ways to increase height.  We all know that height plays a crucial role in representation of our personality. People will good height automatically gain confidence and become eligible for many of the particular jobs. So, it is important to learn the method of growing height naturally. Wondering how to achieve that? Well it is quite simple and you can become tall without any surgery process.

Natural ways to increase your height

–   Exercise:  There are some techniques that people can do to gain height in a natural way, one of which is simple exercises on regular basis. Stretching exercises is one of the best effective methods to increase height naturally. It not only develops the back muscles, but also helps in spine strengthening. Additionally, you can also try Yoga which helps in toning & strengthening of muscles that support these parts. You can also do rope skipping which works in overall height increase and providing fitness to the body. Physical activities are also a great option like running at high speed releases needed hormone for your body’s growth.

– Nutrition: You will be surprised to know that you can increase height naturally by eating up to 5-6 meals in a day. This will increase metabolic rate and thus help in releasing human growth hormone in body. Food is like a fuel for the body but you should be aware that which food is best for which particular job. If you want to increase height, start taking proteins, phosphorus, magnesium & calcium in your diet. These essential nutrients can be easily found in food like egg, meat, poultry, dairy products, vegetables & fruits. Following a proper diet contributes to your height and body both.

– Supplements: There are many multi-vitamin supplements now available in the market for the contribution. These supplements contains all the essential ingredients which are necessary for the growth of height. But take care of the ingredients of supplements before consuming it. Always prefer and invest in 100% natural supplements. Synthetic supplements will also work in increasing height but they will also cause side-effects that will affect your health in a negative way. So staying away from those is strongly recommended!

– Human Growth Hormones: These are basically man made hormones which contain various amino acids. They naturally induce the growth hormones present in pituitary glands. They are proven to be effective without any side-effects since they are made naturally.

– Avoid Medicines: Another way on how to increase height naturally is by avoiding prescribed medicines such as antibiotics as these drugs restrict you to grow naturally. Most importantly, you should give your body proper rest that it needs. The only time that your body gets expanded and grows properly is the time when you relax or at rest. In other words, take good sleep.

– Consume Calcium: Calcium helps in the growth and development of bone, thus its consumption can also increase height in a natural way. Include calcium in your every day’s diet. The most common source of calcium is dairy products. Your chances of growing taller naturally gets increased if regularly consume calcium in your meals. This is also one of the effective ways to increase height naturally.

Irregular food consumption: Avoid eating large amount of food before going to bed at night. The answer to how it affects the height is that eating heavy amount of food each night before bed helps the body to suppress the body in production of growth hormones. Try to take lighter meals or if possible, do not go for full meal at night. This will help in the height growth of a person.

–  Diet Plan: You should look closely at what you eat on daily basis and start to incorporate food into your diet that helps to boost the levels of growth hormones your body produces. For example, you can include chicken salad sandwich at least two hours before the exercise as it will be beneficial indeed and will help you in the height increase. It helps to stimulate the body into producing more growth hormones.

– Yoga: Consider taking up Yoga. This form of exercise not only helps to relax both mind & body, but also the movements used are once that will stretch your body. Over this form of exercise will help to improve your posture and also improves the strength of your bones. Additionally, stretching helps in causing spaces to occur between the vertebras in spine of a person and bones begin to length in order to gap these spaces.

– Meditation: It is a proven technique to get height results. Pituitary Gland meditation is a great way to control your body as well as mind. It stimulates human growth hormones and is responsible for its generation. This meditation technique commands our mind to generate human growth hormones contributing to height growth.

Though the above methods are a natural way to increase height naturally, but you have to understand that the results you are looking will take time to be achieved. Of course there are other ways too, but many of them are not safe. It is important that before following any steps for the natural increase of height, you should have a medical check-up first. If your body has other underlying conditions, then your height problem can’t be treated using the above tips. Otherwise all the above methods work to increase height in a natural way.

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