12 Best Ways to Burn More Calories All Day

12 Best Ways to Burn More Calories All Day

We generally find many products around us on a daily routine which promises of burning calories. They are the product of marketers and needs to be marketed for sale. Some of them are effective too but in real, we do not need anything to burn daily calories. Instead only you have to do is move more!! Research have proven that the benefit which moving can provide has no alternative, however some of the other ways have also been suggested to increase the calorie burn. What are they? How can this be achieved? Follow the mentioned ways to burn more calories all day long.

1.Exercise: The more time you spend in exercising, the more calories you burn in a day. If you are heading to gym for exercise, it is good. But no worries if you don’t have time to do so. You can simply opt other things which make you sweat like push-ups, squats, and jogging, brisk walk. Exercise helps to burn calories by working as fuel to your activity. Exercise for longer periods can even affect after end of your workout session, so the best way to burn more calories to extend your exercise session.

2.Strength Training: Go for aerobic exercise and strength training if you are looking to burn calories as it is the best effective method to do so. Strength training increases metabolism of a person and thus needs to be performed couple of times in a week. It is also a part of exercise which you can carry out in gym or by yourself.

3.Drink Caffeine: Caffeine is a catalyst which helps to increase the calories you burn. It also causes metabolic changes in the body resulting in more calorie burns. You can take green or black tea 1-2 times in a day which contains caffeine in it. Also drinking tea with meals has other effective effects. And if you take with calories is able to reduce the amount of calories you take in.

4.Don’t skip breakfast: Don’t ever skip breakfast if you are in process of burning calories. Skipping breakfast can make you eat more calories throughout day resulting in increase in calorie consumption instead of burning. Also make habit of having healthy breakfast on a daily routine so that your calorie level remains balanced.

5.Low-fat dairy: Low fat dairy products have calcium in it which somehow helps in burning body fats. You can eat more calcium rich foods including low fat dairy products to burn calories and lower amount of belly fat.

6.Water Consumption: Water is extremely helpful in burning high amount of calories, according to researches. Also it is an alternative to hunger which reduces your calorie consumption. Whenever you feel hungry, consume water instead of having a calorie rich food. This results in both calorie burns and reducing starvation.

7.Do Household work: Cleaning your house requires body movements and it ultimately works on your abs, hips and thighs. This means that you can simply burn more of your calories by doing household chores. The best part of exercise cleaning can be done through wiping manually or through vacuum. Both are effective in burning calories on daily basis.

8.Prefer stairs: Whenever you find option of escalator and stairs, go for stairs as it will help to burn calories. You can also prefer stairs during your work hour instead of Lift. Walking through stairs on daily routine works in burning calories and keeps you healthy as well.

9.Keep chewing Gum: Always keep chewing gum and chew it to curb snacking. Make sure the gum is sugar free so that you don’t consume more from the sugar present in it. This will disable your hunger to a certain level resulting in automatic calorie burns. Moreover, it also does exercise of your mouth and jaw line which is also beneficial.

10.Stay lucid: It is logically proven that stress is a great factor in increasing calories in person. Thus to burn it, you need to stay mentally healthy. To accomplish this, you can meditate yourself for a specific time. It not only gives you peace of mind but also help in burning calories.

11.Get a good sleep: The easiest way to burn more calories all day is to get proper amount of sleep.  Sleep helps our body in running better and increases the metabolic rate. It reduces the risks of developing disease and helps in weight loss as well by burning calories.

12.Eat spicy food: Eating spicy food can help to increase body temperature and consequently boost metabolism. Spices help to burn the calories inside the body and reduce your appetite for calorie rich food further.

One of the most easy and natural way to burn calories all is to laugh more. Laughing will keep you internally fit and burn more of the calories of your body. Even a short period of laugh can increase in calorie burn to your body. Follow the above tips to increase the calorie burn and stay healthy.

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