Simple Tips on How to Remove Makeup

How to Remove Makeup

We all have those lazy moments where we would prefer to skip removing make up from the skin. Neither makeup nor the damage is going away unless you make sure to clean it every day. A perfect skin starts from cleansing and cleansing can be regarded as the key of skin care.  Most of the recent makeup products are created so eminently that they can last long for the whole day and stay on your skin. Though this has a good side as no one wants their makeup running all over in hot conditions, but it is not good if it stays on 24 hours a day and doesn’t allows the skin to breath or produce oil in a natural way. This can consequently clog your pores and start causing acne and skin problems if repeated on regular basis. If you think that washing make-up is enough to cleanse the skin, you are really getting it wrong.

What are the best ways to remove makeup?

If not water, how can makeup are removed without damaging the skin? The answer to this question has different clarification points. From choosing right products to following accurate procedure, makeup removal demands proper attention, just similar to applying it!! Read on the tips below.

  • Go Slow: Do not cleanse immediately and follow the slower procedure instead. The slower you go the better results you get. Let the makeup remover do its work of removing not only makeup but dust accumulated in your skin too.
  • Eyes: When you start removing makeup, start with your eyes. Make sure that if you wear contact lenses; take them out before applying any oily eye-makeup remover on your face as it can sometimes cause allergic reactions. Along with removal of eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, clean the edges of your eyelid where liner and mascara can build up over time and can cause irritation. Choose great tools which do not require scrubbing and neither let falling down of eye lashes during the process. Always try to use cotton pads for the removal process.
  • Hairline: Pull bangs and long hair back with a headband, clips or a ponytail holder to remove makeup residue around hairline when washing your face. If not done correctly, it can block the pores and breakouts so take time to tie it back to ensure you get off every fragment of backup.
  • Avoid Make-Up wipes: While makeup wipes is considered as a good initiation in removing makeup and it is best to use it before cleansing. But to only use it before going to bed is not a correct removal procedure. You have to wash your face even after using makeup wipes because water and face wash (as per your skin type) can only remove the slag and purify your skin for a good night procedure. Using only wipes with moisturizer can gives rise to pore blockage and consequently to pimples or blackheads.
  • Try to avoid face wash as well: There might be cases when you don’t have cleanser with you, only then use of face wash can be proved helpful. But most of the people regularly use face wash to remove makeup which ultimately contributing in skin dryness. Use a proper makeup remover or cleansers which are capable of breaking down even the most rigid makeup. Most of the cleansers are now oil-based which really works great with your skin.
  • Choose flat cotton pads: If you are using cotton balls to remove the makeup, change your product kit with flat cotton pads. Cotton balls often leave behind the residue, can break down while using or can even leave fibers on your lashes or skin. You can feel irritation at some point during detox process. Choosing flat cotton pads can be a good choice which works like magical little pillows and are capable of removing everything.
  • Milk: You can even wash your face with milk if it is dry & relatively clear. Milk is a good moisturizer can help to soften your face. However, don’t use milk on acne and if you do so, wash all of it off. Milk type cleansers are also available now in the market.
  • Moisturize: Makeup remover should be followed by a good moisturizer to moisture your skin. Removing makeup can make your skin dry and rough, so to keep it soft & hydrated, apply moisturizer so that your skin get itself repaired at night.

  • Night makeup: Though makeup removal is always necessary to give your skin a fresh breathe, but makeup removal at night is a must thing. Don’t ever go over bed without removing makeup at night as it will damage your skin. The makeup residue will stay in your skin, block pores and you will soon get acne and wrinkle issues.

Keep your makeup area well stocked with gentle cleanser or makeup remover and toner. If you have dry skin, stay away from the toners containing drying alcohol. Always keep cotton pads, tissues close by as this will keep you from having to root around for things to clean your face. The layer of dirt, oil and day-old makeup will mash up your pores and cause clogs. Being organized will also help you roll out a routine every night that would not take more than few minutes of your time. Hope these above tips help you in removing effectively!! After all our face is the first thing that people notice while greeting, so it should be given the tender care that it deserves to make it look healthy and youthful.

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