An Introduction to Amazon Affiliate Marketing

An Introduction to Amazon Affiliate Marketing

With the Amazon Affiliate program, you can easily monetize either your website or blog. The process is very simple, just sign up, get prompt consent and place Amazon affiliate links on your site. You will get commission if a person makes an Amazon purchase through one of your links. Either you are an entrepreneur, small or business owner; you can easily become an Amazon Affiliate.

What Amazon Affiliate Program mean?

The Amazon Affiliate Program is an affiliate marketing program. The website owners and bloggers can become Amazon Associates for free and advertise products from on their sites by creating links. If any of the customers click the link and purchase products from Amazon, they will earn referral fees.

How to become an Amazon Affiliate?

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is very easy and just few steps are required.

  1. Create a website or blog – If you willing to become an Amazon affiliate, you must have an active website, a blog, an app or a YouTube channel. If the site is already popular, it will appear active and credible to both the users and Amazon. While creating a website, have a firm idea of why you are creating it, which audience you will target and how you will bring traffic to that site.
  2. Create Amazon Associate account – After the website creation, you need to create Amazon associate account. This includes visiting of Amazon Associate homepage and joining the site for account creation.
  3. Profile Creation – While your Amazon account has been created, it’s time to build the Associate account profile. It includes few steps including account information, website address preferred store ID, traffic source to website, other details like contact number, payment method.
  4. Create affiliate links – Once the account creation gets completed, you need to create Amazon affiliate link.

    If you new at it, here are few steps for the guidance.

  • You need to choose either “Quick Links” or “Browse for product”. The former option let you search for a particular product keyword.
  • The later will allow you to search product from different categories like Book, video or health.
  • After choosing the pertinent product, you can go for “Get Link” button.
  • You can also customize the link with text, image or widget. Choose the color and image size depending on the link type.
  • After its preview, simply copy and paste it into your site.

You will get your account approved within some specific time period. During the approval time, at least one sale is required to keep your account active. You can also reapply for the Amazon Associate program after making adjustments to site.

How to make money through it?

When the Amazon Associate program was earlier launched, at that time there were not many ways for Internet entrepreneurs to make money online. But the change is brought by Amazon affiliate program due to expansion of Amazon’s product line which has made the ability of making income easier. Amazon has broad product line, huge customer base and reliability, you can find something to promote and make money. But making earning through Amazon requires research, work and marketing.

Pros of becoming Amazon affiliate

There are many great reasons for a person to join Amazon affiliate program which are described in detail.

  1. Millions of people visit Amazon on daily basis and it is a well known name to trust for every person.
  2. It is completely free to join.
  3. In this program, there are no traffic brinks or other metrics which you need to be accepted.
  4. A variety of products are available to promote.
  5. Amazon provides many tools which can help to sell particular items or its category.
  6. It has a well reporting system which gives you detail of clicks and selling.
  7. With this, you can receive direct deposit payments into your bank account.
  8. Amazon offers a good customer service to the buyers and the risk of customer issue gets reduced.
  9. You will earn a commission if your visitor buys a product on the visit.

Cons of Amazon affiliate

  1. The commission rate of Amazon affiliate is comparatively low to other affiliate programs, depending on the items.
  2. The cookies of this program last for only 24 hours. It clearly means that if your referral does not purchase within this time period, you would not get the credit.
  3. It does not allow sending Amazon affiliate links in emails. Email is considered to be the best way for sending great offers; this rule does not go well with the program.
  4. You will not get the credit if the referral buying the product is from other country than the site and promoting products location.
  5. Payment options are limited and there is no PayPal option available.
  6. It has a minimum payout of a specific amount which can’t be afforded by everyone.

Ways to promote Amazon Affiliate Links

Amazon affiliate links can be promoted through different ways. Some of them are as follows:

  • Blogging is a general way to promote the affiliate links and get money. Usually bloggers have a topic site and they use a variety of affiliate programs to earn money. Blogging itself has many ways to get income with Amazon Associates including writing content for website or blog about buying product available on Amazon, writing reviews for new products, writing about best sellers or promoting special offers.
  • Social media can also be used to share the blog content with affiliate links or you can share affiliate links directly. Make sure you give an indication about the affiliate link so that it doesn’t irritate your followers.
  • Try to offer content on videos similar to blog. The plus points of video part are that you can give visual content there to help buyers. You can also choose email marketing system that will do your affiliate promotions to get income for them.
  • Promote Amazon products as part of other business offerings so that you can create an additional income.

Key Points to start

Starting with Amazon associate is easy and completely free but you need to take care of some of the points.

  • Visit Amazon, sign up and filling the forms are the initial basic steps.
  • You must be aware of the rules so that you don’t make any attempt against it. For instance, including Amazon affiliate links is not allowed in Amazon associate policy.
  • Do determine which products you want to promote and choose from Amazon’s list provided. Search on the base of product keywords.
  • Decide how you want to promote the products as Amazon provides scripts to run on website.
  • Make people visit on your blog or website, which in turn will help in affiliate income.
  • The product recommendations should be linked with your blog or website.
  • Always choose the products carefully depending on people’s interest as people prefer to buy products you recommend on a personal level.
  • You should include multiple links and pictures in your content as it looks more informative.

Boost your affiliate income by promoting related products and monitoring your analytics to see what is selling. Affiliate marketing with Amazon is a great method to make income at home just with a website or blog.

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