Internet of Things Security

Internet of Things Security

It is very confront to define what Internet of Things actually mean. But there has been a lot of buzz about this term IoT which proves that it has the proficiency of becoming future of technology. It consists of all the internet enabled items and the web services that enable communication and interaction with these objects. For humans, IoT is a great innovation as it is the vastly expanded web of wireless electronic devices that is set to transform the way we live.

Basically, it is a computing concept that refers to the future where every day physical objects will be linked to the Internet and be able to recognize themselves to other devices. It is closely recognized with radioactive frequency identification as the system of transmission of messages. It is crucial because a thing can indicate itself digitally changes into something superior than the thing by itself. The thing no longer relates to you but is linked to the objects in the environment and database information.

IoT Security  

Security has prompt and future results, so what will be the cost of solving or not solving the internet of thing security issues. Security of anything is a complex task and as the smart future is coming, the security risks for quick growing peculiar web of connected things are becoming more and more complex. The term IoT has taken the world by storm and its benefits are endless. The major thing related to it is comfort of being connected to your home things wherever you go. Internet of Things is all about safety that comes with the associated apps. As the numerous devices keeps on adding to IoT every day, so is the hidden security threats. Internet of things is now connecting everyone and everything. Thus, everyone is exposed to security threats and hackers are allowed to access to anyone’s networks through any source like light bulbs, baby monitors and much more. According to reports, a massive number of computers are hacked everyday which makes the security of IoT a fundamental to personal security.

But the safety hazards associated with Internet of Things is a great concern as any device that is connected to the Internet is always at risk of being hijacked. Considering the other details, letting Internet steer the wheel of your household appliances is another way of sending a welcome note to government inspection agencies or hackers who do it for fun.

Why security is needed?

The connected devices with IoT use small processors for entrenched functions. The processors used are economic and decisive and these do not have the required computing and memory power to assimilate the current security solutions to be strong. They cannot be either enhanced with new available information on any arising security threat from cyberspace. In the absence of global norms, interoperability and assimilation are getting complex. The low cost of devices and the resulting mass production makes it impossible to keep track of. This is a serious thing to worry as while we are trying to manage the risks of security from cyberspace, the complexity of security is becoming more challenging as the connection is through CAGS. The attackers have moved towards going after these devices because it is simple to access the network in which we have spending our money & time. To solve the already complex problem of internet of things is becoming harder day by day.


Considering all the above risk factors, it has become important to understand how to meet this security challenges and what kind of changes should be adopted for the security of IoT. How can we create connected things which can be secured sufficiently? We need to find out the answers of all these questions and to solve this security issues, it is required to understand every single part of IoT system. The cyber security integration needs to be figure out.

Digital Data  

Among all other layers, the most important layer to IoT security is data security layer. Digital Data is the driving force of a digital global age, the increasing data gaps have already becoming a growing problem for every single individual across the globe – like its organizations, industries, government etc. Out of all the small and big ruptures, small and high profile attacks, data cracks, thefts & guidance are rising practically across the globe. There is no simple way to letup this growing deluge of cyber-attacks from any side. Thus, regardless of personal data, corporate data, big data or IoT data, no other person or being seems to immune to data safety challenges. What cyber criminals can do? They can pilfer your data and can also be shaped on their end which is a detracting risk for any individual. The edges between personal data, corporate data, consumer data, citizen data, big data, and IoT data are becoming obscure. Data security is an intricate challenge due to the new security threats.

Encryption Keys        

The custody, private and conserved data of individuals are keeping protected by encryption keys which are broadcasted between sender and receiver. But these secret encryption keys can be deflected, hijacked and exposed if tried by hacker. It is crucial to understand that the difference between encrypting at different levels and what parameters should decide this choice. Not all kind of data needs the same level of safety but the interrelation of data and muddy boundaries of individual security, physical, network and device security as an integrated approach.

Currently, Internet of Things is facing many complex safety challenges because security perimeter can be easily changed. And as Internet of Things is connected through the internet, many of the systems are still accessible from both inside and outside. Internet of things requires stronger security that cannot be manipulated at any cost. Not only has the safety of human depended on the secure operation of endpoints and IoT, but also the security of nation and future of humanity lies on it.

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