Protect Yourself with Best Cancer Fighting Foods

Protect Yourself with Best Cancer Fighting Foods

It is true that no food can protect you from cancer completely. Then what cancer fighting food actually means? It is a term that enlists the food items which can reduce the risk of cancer development if consumed on a regular basis. Cancer cells are present in our body and are normally kept in check by our own body’s natural defense system. Studies have proven that a nutritive diet of anti-oxidant food and nutrient can cure cancer and research continues to be done to seek out food that can fight cancer.

Having a well-balanced consist with anti-oxidants and nutrients is the best option to optimize heath of a person. The cancer fighting foods are as close as your local grocery store shelves. All you need is the knowledge of which particular food and correct recipes that naturally prohibits this fatal disease. Here is the list of some of the best cancer fighting foods by which you can protect yourself.

  1. Broccoli


It is one of the most powerful vegetables when it comes to lowering the risk of developing various forms of cancer. It contains a chemical called indole-3-carbinol which helps in DNA repair of damaged cells and reduces the growth of cancerous tumors. It also contains a substance called glucoraphanin in which the body can process to anti-cancer compound called sulforaphane which kill bacteria within the body. Moreover, anti-cancer properties of broccoli can be enhanced when paired with various spicy foods such as mustard or horseradish. You can include broccoli with a few meals per week which has cancer-fighting benefits.

  1. Carrots


Eating carrots can reduce the risk of stomach and prostate cancer due to its anti-oxidant benefits. Carrot contain valuable amount of nutrients with anti-oxidant values like Vitamin C, phytonutrient antioxidant beta-carotene which is beneficial. You can take carrots in the form of raw salad as well as cook it as per your convenience.

  1. Apples

Apple being a popular fruit can be eaten daily as a health boosting snack. It contains a long list of cancer fighting nutrients including dietary fiber, vitamin C and phytonutrients caffeic acid, catechin, chlorogenic acid, cyaniding, kaempferol and rutin.

  1. Almonds

Not only they are tasty nuts, but are healthy too and you can make it an excellent snack. You can eat them complete or as part of dried fruit and nut mix. You can also do experiments with it for a healthy meal. They also supply your body with high levels of many cancer preventing nutrients including copper, dietary fiber, monounsaturated fats and Vitamin E.

  1. Chili Peppers

These peppers are highly influential cancer fighting foods that can be used to spice up your favorite dish. They are excellent source of dietary fiber and vitamin C. It is also an absolute source of anti cancer phytonutrient capsaicin. There is an alternate choice of Coronado and pimento peppers if you are not in the favor of regular chili peppers. It has same essential nutrients which can protect you from Cancer.

  1. Blueberries

It is a healthy fruit that can be eaten on their own as a snack or can be added with any of the other things for a meal. They are considered as one of the vigorous cancer fighting foods available. The nutrients present in it are dietary fiber, vitamin C & E and they also contain mix of phytonutrients which keep you safe from this dreadful disease.

  1. Green Tea

It has anti-cancer effects which are known to everybody. The major reason on why this health boosting drink is so effective is the presence of flavan-3-ols. It can be easily added into your diet and few cups are enough for the day. You can get it easily in the market and make habit of its consumption on daily basis.

  1. Eggs

Some people find it surprising that egg comes in the list of cancer fighting foods. Eggs are quite healthy and it is a true fact. Eggs are excellent source of protein and contain a good amount of cancer killing nutrients. Having them few times a week in breakfast or diet, and you can reduce your chances of getting this unpleasant disease.

  1. Soybeans

They are extremely powerful cancer fighting foods and contain high level of dietary fibre. One of the most important ingredients is isoflavones which is a group of phytonutrients that are highly protective against cancer disease. It has been suggested that phytonutrients are one of the main reason for lower rates of cancer in some countries. It is also very easily available in the market and you can add them into your diet.

  1. Orange

Orange is rich in vitamin C and dietary fibre content which makes it a tangy snack. The other elements it contains are cancer killing phytonutrients Gallic acid, hesperidin, naringenin and tangeretin. It is a health boosting fruit which can shield you from cancer.

Eating the right food can reduce the risk of cancer to a great extent. Fill up your diet with raw vegetables & fruits as they decrease our appetite for fatty foods. Plants actually contain a substance called phytochemicals which prevents cancer. Try to eat fresh fruits & vegetables instead of canned ones which lost its nutritious values. People who consume high fibre diet has less chance of this deadly disease as fiber helps to move potential cancer causing substance out of our body. Some fiber rich foods are black beans, lentils, lima beans and avocados, broccoli, spinach, green peas and leafy vegetables. Also consumption of large amount of anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, E decreases the risk of cancer. It helps in the protection of membrane of intestinal cells as well as help to prevent bowl movement of cancerous. Some of the common fruits are berries, pepper, ginger, oats, barley and prunes.

Studies have also proven the fact that vegetarians have much lower risk of cancer than animal eating or diet based individuals. This is because plans contain less fat, more fiber and phytonutrients. A high sugar diet should also be avoided to prevent cancer disease. Make sure you fill up with good food including fruits and vegetables in high amount.

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