Some Best Places to Visit in Singapore

Some Best Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore comes under one of the trendiest destinations and attracts millions of visitors every year. Located in South East Asia, it has a very strong British influence which can be recognized in architectural things there. It is a land of innovative wonders and huge building constructions which makes it a perfect place to worth your time and money. During the visit to Singapore, you will grasp that commuting to different places is very easy there due to the supremacy of public transport. Moreover, the lightning at night which features its architecture adds beauty to the country’s places. It keeps on enhancing its attraction points for tourists. Apart from shopping malls, opulence hotels, and a fine feasts, Singapore is much more than all that. People every year visit this place to discover the history and diversity of the place along with other major allure which makes this place an amazing traveling spot. Moreover, the cleanliness of the city might bind you with the beauty of the place and you can very easily explore the place if know English. But beware of spreading litters over there as you may be charged with heavy fines.

Planning a trip to Singapore? From plazas, temples to gardens, cheap shopping markets, the country has many things to offer you!! Now, what are the main places that should be in your checklist during the trip? Get the details of some of the most popular places which come under the main attractions and what you can explore there.

  1. Gardens by the BayThis elegant beauty place is a must visit on every traveler’s list. It offers a mesmerizing view of the seashore. It is widely spread across 101 hectares of land and a perfect place to enjoy the peaceful moment through plant life for a while. This Garden by the Bay is a constitute of two areas – Bay east garden & Bay South Garden. Don’t miss Supertree Groove which will give you a glimpse of a bunch of modern structures designed to perform environment functions and it looks amazing at night. Other visiting places here are Flower Dome and Cloud Forest which gives a breeze to the eyesight of visitors. The Flower Dome is the largest glass greenhouse in the world. You can easily get there by bus transport service.

Location – 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore
Timings – Mon–Sun: 5 am – 2 am

  1. Botanic Gardens

These gardens are worth to see during the trip to Singapore. This garden has led Singapore receive its first UNESCO World Heritage Nomination and it is a 150-year-old ancestry. Botanic Garden provides a refreshing look at its greenery and botanical allures. Being rich in species of peculiar flora and secure pieces of the country’s wild legacy. If you love nature, this place is a must go for you where you can find the natural flower of Singapore i.e. Orchid. You will get to see the garden’s heritage trees which are meticulously sustained through a walking road. What other you can see here are lakes packed with ducks and swans and you can completely enjoy nature’s ambiance here. National Orchid Garden is a splendid thing to watch and you can also have fun with festivals and exhibitions there.

Location – 1 Cluny Road, Singapore
Timings – Mon – Sun: 5 am – 12 am

  1. Universal Studios

Universal Studio is a most sun-filled exploit park across the globe. Located in Sentosa Island, it occupies 49 acres of Resorts World Sentosa and is a perfect place for a family adventure. This thrilling destination is designed with a world-famous theme structure where each area is paying tribute to a location, film or television show. The place will fill you with excitement, entertainment and enthusiasm with 24 major rides and 7 themed zones. What else it offers? The park also has restaurants & café options, shopping facility and live shows running through the day and night. Don’t forget to visit “Walk of Fame” where you can have marked poses with Hollywood great personalities. It is listed among the best places to visit in Singapore where shows and entertainment are for everybody, from kid to adult.

Location – 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore
Timings – Mon – Thu: 10 am – 7 pm

                  Fri – Sat: 10 am – 10 pm

                  Sun: 10 am – 8 pm

  1. Night Safari

Fond of zoo adventure? Night safari in Singapore gives a new curve to your zoo experience by beginning post the day to enjoy the life of residents. You will experience the world of species there and their homes as well. Each of the paths of the park’s dwelling reflects its own story which you will go through during your ride. It is a more than original safari where you can closely relate yourself with the wildlife habitat, marine habitat etc by getting a close view. Four of the trails are Leopard Trail, Fishing Cat Trail, East Lodge and Wallaby Trail. It is also a must visit attraction among the tourists and they find it the most thrilling experience of their lives. Do try this whenever you visit Singapore!!

Location – 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore
Timings – Mon – Sun: 7:15 pm – 12 am (Last ticket sale at 11:15 pm)

  1. Singapore Flyer

Who would not wish to have a complete view of the city from the top? It is the most amazing and thrilling experience for anybody!! In Singapore, you can store this memory for a lifetime with the world’s largest giant observation wheel. It will let you view and enjoy the complete view of the city from the top with luxury serving and regale as per the package you choose. Imagine yourself at the TOP, in air-conditioned capsules having a bird’s eye of the whole city. How exciting it will be!! During the ride, you will be able to observe the city from a 165-meter height, its skyline, history and progression of Singapore and the insight of technology behind the development of the wheel. It is one of the major attractions for tourists during their Singapore visit, especially for kids. The time duration of the flight is 30 minutes from morning to night and you have the liberty to choose the time zone in which you want to enjoy the stunning outlook of the city.

Location – 30 Raffles Ave, Singapore
Timings – Mon – Sun: 8:30 am – 10:30 pm

These are only a few as Singapore has many more tourist attractions and this city never fails to attract visitors which have ranked it among the best-visited country for tourists. Though there is not any perfect time to visit Singapore, if you are planning the rainy season visit, you need to take care of some of the points. To get the tips, visit here. Go plan and enjoy an amazing and thrilling stay in Singapore!!

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