15 Major Healthy Foods to Gain Weight

15 Major Healthy Foods to Gain Weight

Gaining weight is as much as challenging as loosing it for few. People having little weight tend to have serious health issues. Thus, you need to gain weight in order to remain healthy and for this, you just need to add some of the major food elements which will help to gain weight in an effective way.  Let’s discuss the major healthy foods to gain weight in detail.

How to Begin?

Gaining muscle is a simple task. You need to absorb more calories than you ignite. Keep eating minor meals throughout the day and include more of the calories elements in your meals. Following are some of the nutritious and high calorie food which you can add into your diet plan:

  1. Milk – Milk is a great mixture of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Along with this, it also provides vitamins and minerals like calcium which makes it a preferred element in gaining weight. It is mostly recommended to be consumed after a struggling workout session yielding in great results. Milk
  2. Protein Shakes or Smoothies – Having protein shake or homemade smoothies can be a good choice for gaining weight. It is not only nourishing and can be made with variety of flavors. As the packed shakes are full of sugar and other preservative, try to avoid them and prepare them by your own to get the essential nutrients.Protein Shakes or Smoothies
  3. Rice – Rice is a big source of calories and carbohydrates which can be considered a healthy food to gain weight. You can easily include it into your nutrient meals as they don’t require many bucks. A single plate of it can give you high volume of carbs and calories.
  4. Potatoes – Potatoes contain starch and carbohydrates loaded in it and are digested very quickly into the human body. The carbohydrates are then further changed to glucose which gets used by our body for energy. The unused glucose converts into fat making you gain weight.


  1. Bagels – Bagels are rich in calories which you can have by including it into your snack diet. You can have it with cream cheese and fruit spread so that you will get a tasty and energy filled food.


  1. Nuts & Nut Butter – Engrossing nuts on regular basis is a very nutritious and you can also add them into any of your meals. Go for the nut butters which are sugar as well as oil free as it has similar benefits to handful of nuts.


  1. Dried Fruit – If you wish to increase weight, go for the dried fruits as a garnishing component for salads, yogurt, grins etc. As the dried fruits don’t contain water in it, it becomes rich in sugar and calories which will help to gain your weight.Nuts & Nut Butter


  1. Red Meat – It is considered as the best food to increase body fat as it contains leucine and creatine which plays an important role in muscle strength. Studies have proven that including red meat can improve the chance of gaining weight on a quick basis.


  1. Avocados – Avocados are affluent in fatty acids along with fiber, potassium and vitamin K. It will add calories into your meal along with nutrition. Try to eat a good amount of avocados if you are planning to gain weight.


  1. Banana – Eating bananas on regular basis will help an individual to gain weight very quickly. They consist of sugar and calories level and will also help in mood and sleep problems. You can also include them in the home-made smoothies with different flavors.


  1. Breads – Components found in bread are carbohydrate which is an important element in health gain. Always choose the whole-grain bread instead of white ones.


  1. Protein Bars – Increase your calories and the protein value by having protein bars. They are very easily available in market and you can even create them by your won into your home. It is a kind of fitness supplement which some people take as an alternate to meals but you will not get the sufficient calories if you do so. Take them only as a snack.


  1. Peanut Butter – Not only this, any kind of nut butter will help in gaining weight to your body. Apart from this, you will also get good amount of fiber, magnesium and protein in these kinds of nut butters.


  1. Salmon – A rich source of healthy fat, you can have it as an option to build body muscle. It is also rich in omega-3 plus protein to affect your body.


  1. Protein Supplements – This strategy is commonly followed by athletes and bodybuilders to gain muscles. People who go to gym regularly are instructed to do protein supplements for weight gain. These supplements contain amino acids and quicken the muscle growth accordingly.

The main concept behind gaining weight is to increase the amount of calories into your diet. All the above mentioned food can help in the muscle growth of a person and will keep him healthy in the other way. There is not any particular reason for the underweight or skinny people. It can be genetic, any psychological issues, effect of medicines or any other. But with some consultation and healthy diet, it can be recovered very easily.

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