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Why Should We Use Condom and How To Use It Safely


Condoms are used out of latex and plastic which arrive in a meager, little pocket. Condoms could be produced using materials in case you’re very sensitive to latex. These materials include polyurethane lambskin, nitrile, and polyisoprene. A condom used efficiently, and it avoids HIV, just as pregnancy and STIs. Condoms can be obtained at medication stores or for focuses.

How does this work?

The condom is rolled onto your penis before you’ve sexual intercourse. The condom was designed to stop the semen for penetrating a lady. In case the sperm can’t get into the vaginal, then it will not be capable of meeting with the egg and leading to pregnancy.

Condoms can help in preventing getting or giving STDs because they pay your manhood. It prevents the power to come with any contact of fluids that could spread these STIs and limits direct skin-to-skin contact.

Only latex and plastic condoms protect against STDs, and lambskin condoms don’t.

Condoms are Two Types such as

1-Male Condom

A condom is worn on the penis. It made from latex, an elastic. Be that as it may, some are made from materials that are okay for people with latex sensitivities, for instance, polyisoprene or polyurethane.

2-Female condom

A female condom is embedded into the vaginal. It’s an adaptable ring in either end.  One end is closed and extends into the vagina; the other reason behind the present is open, and the neck zone remains outside the opening of the vaginal. The female condoms now available are created utilizing materials procured for people with latex hypersensitivities.

When should we use a condom?

We should use a condom to shield yourself and your partner from STIs and HIV:

*Through vaginal, anal and oral sex

*Each time you’ve sex

*When sharing sex toys (put a brand new condom on for each partner)

Utilizing a condom on before any contact between the penis and also a partner’s (spouse) vulva area or mouth minimizes uncertainty to both of you.

Following Important things to remember are:

*Never to recreate any condom, and then use a brand new one every time, even right after

*To protect the environment, never flush any condom down the toilet

*Don’t utilize Condom

Way use a condom properly

We know that condoms are not 100% successful, as accidents like breakage may happen or it is not handled. Folks can use the following advice to ensure they’re utilizing the right condoms in the safest possible manner:

Way use a condom properly

  1. Maintain a Place from fascination condoms

Quite a few makers have ordered oddity condoms for incitement as opposed to insurance. Evade brands that don’t define security or STI. If a condom doesn’t cover the entire manhood, it will not offer protection.

  1. Prevent condoms with spermicide

Some condoms contain spermicide. The FDA has accepted nonoxynol 9 (N-9) as an over-the-counter spermicide. For all, this spermicide could irritate. For other people, this may not be a problem.

  1. Peruse the bundling

Search for an announcement on the name that recommends the condom will counteract STIs. Some brands, like Duralex and Trojan, offer assortments of condoms which might aid with expecting STIs.

Nevertheless, as mentioned above, condoms don’t protect against all STIs. Folks might nonetheless contract an STI that someone transmits through skin-to-skin contact.

Folks need to read the label cautiously and read up on particular brands to confirm whether the condom meets all security standards.

  1. Use lubricated condoms

Not everybody needs to use additional lubrication. The vaginal naturally creates lubrication when an individual has been arousing. Nevertheless, sometimes this lubrication is not enough.

In these cases, individuals should either use lubricated condoms or another water-based or silicone-based lubricant.

Lubrication on the outside the condom reduces friction during sexual activity also helps prevent the condom from either falling off or breaking during sex.

  1. Don’t utilize non-metallic condoms

Condoms have a lapse date written on their bundling. On the off chance that a condom is past its termination date, a person should discard it, as it will be more predisposed towards break than a longer up to date one.

  1. Avoid natural condoms

Natural condoms are a long-standing choice of latex condoms. They help prevent pregnancy, but they frequently don’t protect against STIs.

Individuals with latex allergies, or individuals who’re searching for an alternative to latex, should instead try polyurethane condoms. These are progressively efficient yet give an increasingly friendly match and also comparable insurance as latex condoms from STIs and pregnancy.

  1. Avoid condoms That Weren’t stored properly

Condoms are impacted by warmth and contact, so individuals store them is essential.

Always store condoms in a cool, dry location, as they may break down in extremely cold or hot temperatures. Storing condoms at an extreme temperature environment may weaken a condom and make it compelling.

Folks should not store condoms in their pocket, as they may be exposed to friction and warmth which may cause rips or weakness.

  1. Don’t use oil-based ointment

Oils, for petroleum shake, child oil, lotions, or Example, may make the condom break, and individuals want not to use these with condoms

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