Gmail is 15 years old today – Here are some interesting facts about it

Gmail has completed its precious 15 years of service

Gmail  has completed its precious 15 years of service …….Here are some interesting facts about it.

Imp. Points –

  1. It has nearly about 1.5 billion users associated with it
  2. It was developed by Paul Buchheit on Aprill 1 ,2004
  3. Its initial capacity was 1 Gb per user

And if we talk about today it has increased its capacity to 15 GB PER user. We are able to receive

50MB files. Almost a year  later it has launched apps like Google maps for the better ease of the people. Google has also bought android and you tube to this generation which solves the purpose of learning and entertainment. The company has also built chrome as a browser which has become so much popular today amongst youth.

All the Google users today comprises of more than a billion users. These apps are providing much knowledge to these youngsters that would help them to develop more and more.

Google in January has recently launched a new interface design for the mobile apps foe better ease.

In a some way or the other Google has proved that how important it is for our day to day life.

It has learning as well as interactive session with all 0f us.

Google has redesigned also some interesting new features that are more useful to the users.

We can smart reply ,e mail snoozing , follow up actions and hover nudges.

Not this it has a growth in several fields too for example now it allows inline attachments a images in e mail. This feature is more beneficial for a better interaction.

Google is reportedly testing a new set of inbox messages like pinned messages, reminders and category bundles for the new Gmail for Android.


  1. It has led our lives to most ease with a great flexibility.
  2. Inspite of the fact that we have been using  such apps for years but still we feel the need.
  3. Also it has provided us the benefits of more clear about what to be expand.
  4. Apps like Google and Gmail are so much necessary in day to day schedule that has ease of using too.


  1. We should use these apps to fulfill our needs and not in a negative way.
  2. Besides so many positive points..Its right use may differ from person to person.

Nutshell Gmail has completed its 15 years and it would be continuing servicing us for life.

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