Some Unhealthy foods That Are Actually Healthy and Good for You


With the people being more conscious about leading a healthier life, the urge to adapt a healthy diet has also increased. There are myriad of diets and healthy lifestyles doing the rounds that people follow to lead the best life. People change their lifestyle; the way they eat and what they eat as it play a prominent role in one’s well-being.  Through internet people get to know about each and everything, besides being conscious, they are becoming aware too. But still sometimes we get fooled by believing fad diets and avoid the foods that are actually not harmful for our health. Here are some foods that are perceived to be unhealthy but are actually healthy and full of essential nutrients that are good for you.

Plain air popcorn puffs are the best as they are made from whole grain and packed with ant-oxidants are the low calorie healthy snack. We are not mentioning about the caramel cheese or the salty popcorns. Plain popcorns keeps the digestive system healthy and reduces the risk of many lifestyle related diseases. These are the healthy alternatives to any fried snacks you love to eat in your leisure time.

Egg yolk
People often prefer eating the white parts of the egg while throwing the yellow ones with a fear of the saturated fat the egg yolk contains. However eggs are rich in various nutrients and contain batain that promotes heart health. The yolks are the most concentrated source of choline, a key component of acetylcholine-one of the brain’s key neurotransmitters. Hence eating one or two eggs per day are not harmful.

Pea nut butter
Peanut butter is considered as unhealthy food by many but it contains a substance called p-coumaric acid, which helps in repairing the cells related to cardiovascular diseases. Peanut is also rich in niacin i.e. vitamin B3 that helps people being safe from the memory diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Niacin also helps to repair the cell damage connected with the brain and provides protection.

Excess of everything is bad. Higher intake of caffeine present in coffee has sent it in the list of unhealthy foods. However drinking coffee in moderate amounts is healthy and beneficial for you. Magnesium and chromium present in coffee help the body use insulin that controls the glucose in our body. As such it decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes. A cup of coffee help the small blood vessels work better hence improves the cardiovascular activity.

Desi Ghee
Ghee is considered to be one of the easily digestible fats, people in the olden days often use it in cooking all kind of vegetables on a daily basis and after eating, and they use to do a lot of physical work that helped digesting it faster. Desi ghee gives energy, boosts immunity keep the body warm, prevent constipation and helps in the excretion of toxins from the body. Food prepared In Desi ghee is far healthier than the treats made in refined oil.

Potatoes are linked with obesity and hence considered unhealthy. Every deep fried food is unhealthy for you, not only potatoes. If we cook potatoes in a healthier way they can prove wonders for your body. Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and provide energy, though they contain little fat. Potatoes are rich in vitamin C and contain good source of various B vitamins and potassium. The potato peel contains most of the nutrients and fiber. Just wash it properly before eating or cooking rather than peeling off.

People often stay away from bananas; however they are loaded with fiber which proves beneficial for the heart. These are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron, foliate, niacin, riboflavin, and B6. It helps building metabolism.

So, next time before avoiding your favorite foods, consider this list and eat without any fear.

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