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Reasons why there is Tourist Boom in Thailand

Reasons why there is Tourist Boom in Thailand

Every year Thailand is expecting huge number of tourists and is known as the top tourist destinations in the world. The count goes on increasing every year. A large number of tourists flock to Thailand’s majestic temples and golden shores to see its worth watching beauty and spend good time in a good place. Moreover, in the year 2016 more than 32 million visitors booked a vacation to explore this diverse land.

According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the country has received 32.59 million foreign visitors in 2016, which made tourism industry earning 2.52 trillion baht, which is 11% increase from 2015. They stated that projections for this year are also clear by expecting to bring in 733 billion baht in the first quarter only which is exceeding the earlier predications. Due to the consistent high number of arrivals from various countries all around the world, Thailand is ranked as the eleventh most visited country in the world, mentioned in a report released by World Tourism Organization.

Some of the cities in Thailand are very attractive and they include destinations which are worth watching and which automatically force tourists from all over the world to visit these diverse locations. Among all the cities of Thailand, Bangkok attracts maximum visitors. In the MasterCard’s Seventh Annual Global Destinations Cities Index, Bangkok received the impressive accolade of being the World’s most visited city, with 21.47 million people spending at least one night in the city.The Thai city is a no less; it has given a stiff competition to cities such as London with 19.88 million international overnight visitors and the Paris which welcomed 18.3 million overnight visitors.

Thailand is a very popular destination, receiving maximum visitors every year and it is the beauty of the place which is attracting people and it directly leads to the improvements in the economy of the country. Among the causes for the multiplicative increase in tourism in Thailand are the stable atmosphere, the beaches, majestic temples and spiritual heritage, the night life and the full moon party and above all Thai food is forcing visitors to come and visit this beautiful place of smiles.

From eating to shopping, adventure, diving, temples, visitors are surely bound to find everything that catches their eyes. The wonders found here are majestic and are most unique and wonder. Visitors love to visit the place and love to explore myriad of prime spots. Thailand is the incredible place for the visitors who thrive after dark. The place is equipped with every kind of nightlife the tourist could possibly imagine. There is huge festival fervor among the locals as well as the visitors that many plan their vacations to celebrate the festivals and enjoy all the fuss Thailand festivals offer.

It is quite easy to get Thailand Visa for Indians and a number of Indians visit Thailand every year to spend their vacations with friends and families. Visit to Thailand is very affordable too; you can visit Thailand in an extremely low budget including shopping and living in luxurious hotels which cost no more than a standard commercial hotel anywhere else. There are a wide range of opportunities to venture out far away from crowd in the beauty of nature by going for island-hopping.

Thailand is really a tourist magnet, its beauty attracts everyone and the experiences one get here are really unique and worth experiencing. Thailand is a land of adventure and thrill and it’s waiting for you. This year, book a Thailand trip and have a visit to the land of smiles.

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